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Owner Henry Reid
Design Grand Soleil 43
Length Overall 13 m 20 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 8743R

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Aurelia - Aurelia Trip Day 6

After a couple of days of really good sailing we reached the entrance tothe Old Bahama Channel, just North of Cuba, around 12.30am this morning. TheSpinnaker had been up for the past 14hrs constant but we now had to move on to acloser reach.  Lots of boats around , sailing, Tankers & a US Navy shipall coming up on the AIS as being dangerously close. We just needed to be extravigilant being night time.   We are now through the Channel & moved on to a more Northerly course aswe pass the Great Bahama Bank headed for the Straits of Florida & then PortEverglades. We hope to pick up some good speed once we enter the northerlycurrent of the Gulf Stream which could add 3 or 4knts to our boat speed inplaces.   For a change on board Sandy made the porridge this morning. read more...


Aurelia - Not sure what day it is

Hello Aurelia followersApologies for no blog on our last day, we had some technical challenges and last night the technical challenges were self inflicted. I think the rest of the chaps were right when they said "i was away with the goalie" It has been said that the blog has been a little lacking detail. This was obviously deliberate as I was encouraged not to be too specific by my fellow crew in order not worry those at home. Well now we have arrived that is now not relevant.Our trip started with no power or ability to charge our batteries. This may not sound much but it was pretty major, so much so that we were debating turning back. No instruments, no fridge, no freezer, no water maker, bla, bla... after much stress and pressure on Mr H he managed to come up with a work around thanks. read more...


Aurelia - Day 17

Hello from AureliaWe are now in the home straight. We are 150 km off Barbados and only 220km from St Lucia - a walk in the park!It wouldn't be a normal day on board without a drama or two and today is no different. We have a slight problem with our rudder and thanks to a GoPro camera we have been able to verify that there is something wrapped around it. Although we are not moving that fast due to wind the swell is too big for one of us to dive under nd clear whilst moving so we are keeping our fingers crossed until we reach St Lucia.Ralph has developed sailor's bottom (don't ask) apparently quite a common complaint from transatlantic yachtsmen. I will take his word for that.Pasta again for dinner tonight. I think we will all be avoiding Italian restaurants for a while.Tomorrow will be. read more...


Aurelia - Day 16

Evening everyoneSorry blog is a bit late today, we have all been busy doing nothing! Not much wind today so much floating around in the sun, torture! (honest)Ralph reminded us today how well we were doing with our routines. It goes like this - Sail, eat, wash the dishes & sleep. Sail, eat, wash the dishes & sleep. And so on... In particular the dishes are becoming a real chore as we must have washed them 700 times!350 miles to go. Hopefully with more wind than we have tonightBye for nowJ.McLeish. read more...


Aurelia - Day 14

Evening all from a wet & miserable Aurelia!Bit of a "nothing" day on board today. After a fairly rough night with big seas, lots of wind and no sleep we find ourselves becalmed. Few of the team have enjoyed movies today on their various devices which has helped pass the time. Gerry has dinner on the stove, a vegetable omelette. Yum!Happy faces at dinner last night complements of Henry's photographic skills J.McLeish. read more...

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