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ARC DelMarVa

Cruise with friends and experience offshore sailing in the Atlantic. ARC DelMarVa is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and gain experience sailing overnight and in the ocean, in the company of friends and with an experienced support staff not far away. The event is unique in the WCC portfolio, as it’s locally focused and organized from WCC USA’s home base in Annapolis by experienced Chesapeake Bay sailors, with the support of the local marine industry.

Sail 450 nautical miles under the full moon from Annapolis to Annapolis, counter-clockwise around the DelMarVa Peninsula over the course of a week. The rally is divided into three legs, each with their own distinct pleasures and challenges, and with stopovers en route to explore the area, meet friends and unwind with a party or two.

After the start off Annapolis, Leg 1 has yachts sailing the 130 miles overnight down the Bay to Portsmouth, VA, following the same route as the annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. The start is timed so that most yachts will arrive in daylight to navigate the busy channels of Hampton Roads. Leg 2 heads offshore, for the 150-mile jaunt into the Atlantic. After another stop along the Delaware Bay, Leg 3 sees yachts home again via the C&D Canal to Annapolis to complete the circle.

What’s Included:

Before you even get to the start, we help with your preparations by providing a comprehensive Rally Handbook and regular newsletters, and we’re here to help you find crew and answer your questions by phone or email.

From Time of Registration:
● Discount at Fawcett Boat Supply in Annapolis, from the day you register until the start of the rally
● ARC DelMarVa Rally Handbook and confirmation pack (including special offers)
● ARC DelMarVa flag
● ARC DelMarVa Newsletter (4 during build up to event) – advice about participation/equipment
● Discounted chart and pilot book order service
● Attendance to a full-day seminar on April 29, 2017, on offshore sailing and DelMarVa route planning and navigation. *This seminar is mandatory for at least 2 crew members

In Annapolis, pre-start:
● Welcome Pack
● ARC DelMarVa number banner (if required by organizers)
● Captains’ Briefing (including weather information)
● Farewell party

During the Rally:
● Float plan filed with USCG
● Radio net (run between the boats)
● Daily weather forecast
● Tracking of yacht positions, including loan of a satellite tracker
● Display of positions on ARC DelMarVa event website

In Portsmouth at completion of Leg 1
● Dinner in historic downtown Portsmouth
● Special pricing on dockage and services
● Captain's Briefing before Leg 2 start

On Delware Bay at completion of Leg 2:
● Welcome party
● Captain’s Briefing for C&D Canal and Leg 3

In Annapolis, after Leg 3
● Welcome on arrival
● ARC DelMarVa awards ceremony


Meet the WCC Team at the Annapolis Boat Show, 2016.

The Annapolis Boat Show takes place as usual in October, from 6-10 October in the heart of the city. With lots of attractions at the show including new boat launches and equipment offers, we know many of you will be planning a visit, so here's a round up of World Cruising Club and our partners' activities at the show.World Cruising Club will have a booth in the show, come and say hi and talk... Click here for more info..

ARC DelMarVa 2016 is in the books!.

Officially, 23 boats completed the 450-mile loop around the DelMarVa peninsula, wrapping up the festivities last night at the prize giving dinner at the Eastport Democratic Club in Annapolis. While ARC DelMarVa is a non-competitive event, lots of fun, made-up prizes were given out to raucous applause from the crews. The crew of Dawn took home top honors with the Weems & Plath Navigators... Click here for more info..

ARC DelMarVa Fleet Safely Completes Offshore Leg.

It was an uneventful Leg 2 for the 2016 ARC DelMarVa Fleet, and sometimes that's just the way we like it! The fleet departed Portsmouth, VA yesterday in the pre-dawn twilight - with some boats hoisting sail and flying downwind out of the Elizabeth River - but the offshore leg offered light airs and not much drama."We sailed wing-on-wing out the river," said one crewmember, "but by the time we... Click here for more info..
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Mariposarah II - Ready for Annapolis!

Mariposarah II is ready. Food is stocked. Crew is ready. Dark and Stormies ready, Will see ya’ll at the briefing!   read more...


Halcyon Days - The Circle Completed!

The leg from Cape May back to Annapolis was an interesting one - Up the narrow shipping channel of the Delaware River at night, with channel lights that weren't on the charts and nuns that were on the charts, but no where to be seen; then across read more...


Dawn - June 22

We had an exhilarating sail to Portsmouth!  Once we were out of Annapolis area, we were moving!  Night sailing was gorgeous!  We were ready to leave on Tuesday, but due to bad weather, the recommendation from Andy and Mia was that read more...


Evening Star - Delmarva

What a great day! We left cape may and had the best day of sailing thanks to a local thunderstorm. Then.we saw some dolphins! We are on our third overnight trip to home. What a fantastic experience!Sent from AOL Mobile Mailimage image image read more...


Halcyon Days - Where was the wind?

We had a smooth voyage from Portsmouth to Cape May - departing at 0600 Wednesday and arriving in Cape May at 0800 on Thursday.There was a gently rolling sea on our starboard stern quarter and light westerly winds the entire trip...just not enough read more...

More Logs...
I wanted to say thanks for such a great trip. I am slowly getting back to "life" here in DC but am already missing that great experience.
Tim Foster, sy Molly Kate - 2014 ARC DelMarVa

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