Social Security Statement - Cape May to Home Port - Log 3

Social Security Statement left Cape May early Wednesday morning to get a head start!  We found a strong current exiting the marina and grounded.  After using our trusty bow thrusters and raising the mainsail, we’re able to break free and began our trip back to our home port of Baltimore.  The weather over to the canal was great.  We sailed past several freighters, spotted a few more dolphins and turned left into the canal.  With calm waters and several bridges to pass under, we exited on the Maryland side just before sunset; and ok course, the winds began to pick up.  Through the night the winds increased, with gusts to 25+ knots and seas 6 ft+ (not making for a wonderful sleep).  Through the night we crested and surfed down waves, finally turning to starboard and entering the Port of Baltimore.  We look forward to seeing everyone again on Saturday.  

I will be creating a video of our experience and posting on my YouTube Channel:  Sailing ePOCH.  

Thank you for the experience.