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Owner Colin Jefferies
Design Rustler 42
Length Overall 12 m 81 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Jolief - Diary

Day 40, 17th July 2019, Visby, Gotland.Sight. Ian and I hired a car for the day so we could see more of the island. We drove to the eastern side to look for some limestone stacks, which we found at Asunden. We continued up to Farosund and turned south to end up at Tofta Strand.Hearing. Lots of seabirds, mainly terns, at Asunden. Visby continued to party on into the night on the quayside.Taste. We found a really cool cafe, Cafe Maffen, in Farosund and Ian had a chicken curry salad and I had tomato and mozzarella salad. Very tasty and good value for Gotland.Smell. The sea seems to be very sulphurous around this island.Temperature. A warm day with still some coolness in the northerly breeze.Touch. Cold sea water as we dangled our feet at Asunden. Sand on skin as we chilled on Tofta Strand. read more...


Jolief - Jolief blog

The Sense of sailing ⛵ This is a 4 month trip to the Baltic and back on yacht Jolief.I aim to write a daily blog using the body's senses as my cues. Day 37, 14th July 2019.Kristianopel, Sweden. We had arrived to Utklippen sooner than anticipated so cracked on up the Kalmar sound last evening. Motoring on to Visby this afternoon and overnight. Sight. This is a lovely harbour with facilities included in the harbour fee. Beautiful lagoons teeming with wildlife. Hearing. I awoke at 0500hrs to a very different dawn chorus to the one at home. Swallows twittering on the guard rail, geese, crows and herons all creating a cacophony of early noise. Got told off for washing up too early and making a racket. Taste. Avocado mash for brekky and Tracey did a use-up pasta bake for supper on the move.. read more...


Jolief - Jolief blog

The Sense of sailing ⛵ This is a 4 month trip to the Baltic and back on yacht Jolief.  I aim to write a daily blog using the bodies senses as my cues. Day 35, 12th July 2019. Ronne, Bornholm. Sight. Sightseeing today on a bus tour of Northern Bornholm. We visited Hammershus Castle, Gudhjem Harbour and Osterlars Church. Hearing. The thrumming of Harley Davisons wherever we go. The bike rally continues. Taste. Ian and I had a gorgeous hand made pizza for lunch in Gudhjem. It was next level.! Especially with the extra chilli. Smell. The musty smell of the cruising chute sail being liberated from the portside lazarette after nearly a year. We set it up ready for the predicted light winds over the next couple of days. Temperature. A beautiful blue sky. read more...


Jolief - Daily Blog

Our trip so far.  Colin, Tracey and Gwyn left Caernarfon, North Wales on 3rd June on JOLIEF heading up the Menai Straits to the Irish Sea.  We stopped over in St Mary, IO Man, Peel IOMan, Portpatrick, Gigha, and Oban where we met up with Ian.  We had a trip to Tobermory to meet some of Tracy's friends before going north on Loch Linnhe to Fort William to enter the Caledonian canal. Scottish weather accompanied us along the canal forcing us to have an unscheduled stay in Fort Augustus. Loch Ness looked foreboding in a NE wind and driving rain. We emerged from the canal into the Moray firth and sailed to Whitehills Harbour. Bertie the harbour master went over and above to help us during our brief stay. We left to cross the North Sea on 16th June.  We flew across through. read more...

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