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Jolief - Jolief blog

The Sense of sailing ⛵

This is a 4 month trip to the Baltic and back on yacht Jolief. I aim to write a daily blog using the body's senses as my cues.

Day 37, 14th July 2019. Kristianopel, Sweden. We had arrived to Utklippen sooner than anticipated so cracked on up the Kalmar sound last evening. Motoring on to Visby this afternoon and overnight.

Sight. This is a lovely harbour with facilities included in the harbour fee. Beautiful lagoons teeming with wildlife.

Hearing. I awoke at 0500hrs to a very different dawn chorus to the one at home. Swallows twittering on the guard rail, geese, crows and herons all creating a cacophony of early noise. Got told off for washing up too early and making a racket.

Taste. Avocado mash for brekky and Tracey did a use-up pasta bake for supper on the move.

Smell. An included washing machine in the harbour facilities makes for a sweet smelling boat and crew. And no scrabbling around for coins and tokens.

Temperature. Scorchio!

Touch. Evening midge attack! We’ve broken out the ‘Skin so Soft’.

Proprioception. I did a very peaceful, solitary yoga session on a quiet beach this morning. Equilibrium restored.

Gwyn Oliver

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