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The Sense of sailing ⛵ 
This is a 4 month trip to the Baltic and back on yacht Jolief.  I aim to write a daily blog using the bodies senses as my cues. 
Day 35, 12th July 2019. Ronne, Bornholm. 
Sight. Sightseeing today on a bus tour of Northern Bornholm. We visited Hammershus Castle, Gudhjem Harbour and Osterlars Church. 
Hearing. The thrumming of Harley Davisons wherever we go. The bike rally continues. 
Taste. Ian and I had a gorgeous hand made pizza for lunch in Gudhjem. It was next level.! Especially with the extra chilli. 
Smell. The musty smell of the cruising chute sail being liberated from the portside lazarette after nearly a year. We set it up ready for the predicted light winds over the next couple of days. 
Temperature. A beautiful blue sky and sunshine today. 
Touch. Sticky suncream. An unpleasant necessity.  I left a big smear of it on the coach window. 
Proprioception. Our mojo was messed with today. We waited for 2 hours on the fuel berth to fill up as we were aiming to leave for Christianso this afternoon. There was only one member of staff running a busy ferry port. By the time we got fuel it was really too late to go so we tied up on the Ronne Dock again and set up for a 4 am start in the morning for Utklippen, Sweden.  You always have to be flexible and have a plan b, c, d when you’re sailing. 

The Sense of sailing ⛵ 

Day 36, 13th July 2019. 
Sight. Large blooms of green algae on the oily sea surface in light airs. 
Hearing. Thunderclap off to the west.  We have the cruising chute up which makes us very nervous.  We’ve got history HERE! 
Taste. Great burgers in Kristiansopel. Apple mustard delicious and apparently they serve ice-cream on the backside here. 
Smell. It’s  barbecue season in Sweden. 
Temperature. A cool and partly cloudy start at 0430hrs this morning. Frannie B, Bolero and Sea Crusader left heading for Sweden at the same time. 
Touch. Raindrops, I managed to be on the helm in the downpour. 
Proprioception. Smooth seas made for steady progress today. It was the right conditions to get the ‘whore’s draws’ up today. (The cruising chute) 

Gwyn Oliver

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