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Challenger 2
Owner Tall Ships Adventures
Design Challenge 72
Length Overall 21 m 63 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR8872R

In partnership with First Class Sailing, Challenger 2 has been entered into the ARC 2019.

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Challenger 2 - Challenger 2 Entry Sixteen

Greetings and apologies for the late arrival of today’s blog, it’s been a busy day.This is our final full day at sea and it would be an understatement to say we are rather excited at our impending arrival in St Lucia tomorrow.  Various times have been suggested and it’s possible that by the time you read this we have crossed the finish line just outside Rodney Bay in the NW corner of the island.You will probably see on the tracker that it is going to be down to the line as to whether it’s Challenger 2 or Challenger 3 across first.  It’s all to play for and I’m sure our amazing team; skipper Monkey, Mate Terry, Watch Leaders Glyn and Jim, and Bob will be eyes glued to the charts to decide which tactics are going to be used  through the night to give us a good shot at. read more...


Challenger 2 - Challenger 2 Entry Fifteen

Hi Dear friends and followers of life on board Challenger 2 – the adventure continues.“Hark, now hear the sailors’ cry, Smell the sea, and feel the sky.Let your sail and spirit fly into the mystic………….”  Van MorrisonI was back up on watch at 6am and it was so very hot already. Unless there is a squall approaching there is no need to wear oilies on deck.  Watched the sunrise fill the skies with glorious sunshine and a weather system of interesting shaped fluffy kind of clouds encircled us in every direction.   Off on our starboard side was a collection of squalls raining down heavily in the distance and at the same time a massive rainbow stretched from one part of the horizon to the other, reaching down into the sea – such an awesome sight.OMG – As I write it would. read more...


Challenger 2 - Challenger 2 Entry Fourteen

There comes a time when every great commander stands amongst the bursting shells and acrid smoke of battle and says to his troops, ‘take that hill’. At which point the troops cast their eyes upon the dark foreboding mass of earth and enemy positions, and think to themselves, it’s just not possible.Today, the mate of challenger 2 was that commander.Terry looked at the mother watch without a trace of humour or doubt and said ‘Two roast chicken (whole), roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, mashed sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, cabbage… and of course… gravy.’ Bearing in mind that the mother watch consisted of a vegetarian urbanite more accustomed to Hoxton than the Hamble, a teenager recently graduated from a Swiss boarding school who most likely has a personal chef and chocolatier, and a. read more...


Challenger 2 - Challenger Two Entry Thirteen

Hi to you all who are following us. As I am typing we are enjoying bacon and tinned tomato sandwiches and tea for breakfast, whilst the rain and a squall pass us with music full blast! Making those on galley duty work very hard in the heat as all hatches are closed. All the crew are well and enjoying seeing our progress plotted on the chart in the saloon.The wind remains steady east south east with Yankee one polled out, our stitching holding out really well! 178 miles have been covered since the last blog with 620 to go. All are beginning to think of our arrival to St Lucia and then returning to the UK as we sing along to Robbie Williams Angels and Pink Floyd. We start the countdown preparation today to sort through provisions which have been dotted all around the boat and centralise in. read more...


Challenger 2 - Challenger 2 Entry Twelve

Another day of relaxed sailing in the sunshine as our progress west and south continues. Even after 12 days at sea, it’s impossible to be bored with the constantly changing sea and sky, spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Every once in a while a shoal of flying fish will dart out of the way of the 52 tonne monster bearing down on them.The winds are mostly following now and fairy steady at F3 so not much in the way of sail changes (though we are keeping a sharp eye on the yankee 1) but we are having to gybe a few times a day to keep us heading for St Lucia. We need to keep to the rum (or should that be rhum) line.The only bone of contention amongst the crew so far was a dispute about whether to have ratatouiile and lentils or “stupid English beef stew”. In the end we cooked both and ended. read more...

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