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Owner Sr Ronald Ramos-Martin
Design Catana 471
Length Overall 47 feet
Flag United States of America
Sail Number None

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Campechano - Setting Sail

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 13:36:07 -0800Family and Friends of Campechano!We hope you all are well!We are writing to you from approximately 150 NM SW of Gran Canaria at hour 27 of our 3000+ mile journey. We have a transmitter on-board that transmits our position every six hours, so you should be able to track our progress on both the Campechano website ( ) and the World Cruising website by going to the Fleet Viewer. (We don't have the website address on-board with us, but you can find it by Googling "World Cruising ARC.)Our week in Las Palmas was filled with a lot of hard work preparing the boat, but we also were able to enjoy the ARC festivities and the camaraderie of our fellow sailors from 38 different countries. As the only Puerto Rican boat in the regatta. read more...


Campechano - Hour 68 - The Campechano Can Actually Fly!

Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 06:42:36 -0800Ahoy Friends and Family of Campechano!We hope you all are doing well.We have heard that many of you are following our progress online, which warms our hearts and raises our spirits! Thank you for your love, support and positive thoughts.We are at hour 68 of our journey and have been blessed to date with warm weather, clear skies, good winds and fairly calm seas. We have heard that the entire journey could be like this (except that it will get warmer as we approach the Caribbean) and we are crossing our fingers. Everyone was exhausted when we started the regatta and it took us a little over a day to get on schedule and to get some rest. We have learned that the crew must eat and sleep according to schedule, otherwise we get distracted with other tasks. read more...


Campechano - Happy Thanksgiving!

Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 04:16:34 -0600Happy Thanksgiving to the Campechano Family and Friends!We hope that you are all doing well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!It is nearly 0900 on Friday, 27 November and It is another spectacular day on the Atlantic. It is already 82 degrees and the wind is blowing at 18 knots (true wind speed). We are averaging 9.5 knots at the moment and we have had the gennaker flying since yesterday afternoon. Last night was the first night that we kept it flying all night. Some of our ARC companions (in Ronnie-speak "competitors" or "adversaries") are flying these new-fangled parasails which require very little work and provide a lot of speed. For those of you who have been tracking us online, the multihull "Medianoche" (number 96) is using a parasail. read more...


Campechano - GoodIdea are Like a Flying Fish: Sometimes They Just Hit You!

Subject: FW: Hour 166Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 09:24:32 -0800 Ahoy Campechano Family and Friends! We are at hour 166 of our journey and having a wonderful time.  The weather has been fantastic and so far we have had only a few drops of rain. We have passed the North/South midway point to St. Lucia, and we are about 130 NM from the East/West midway point.  We think we are currently in first or second place for our division, although the information we receive is old by the time we receive it.  For those of you tracking us online, Yacht No. 106 (Pelican) seems to be in first place, but we think this is a reporting error based on their previous position.  We think the boats to watch are Yacht No. 96 (La Medianoche) and Yacht No. 105 (Mojomo). Our gennaker has been both a joy and a source of. read more...

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