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Owner Derek Saunders
Design Corby 45
Length Overall 13 m 72 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR8248

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Incisor - Incisor blog saturday 09.12.2018

Last daily blog at sea!?   Hi everyone,   Incisor is on the finishing line! Last night wecelebrated the 200nm way-to-go milestones with yummy canapes and a sundowner.Kit added fabulous popcorn and we enjoyed pulled pork for dinner. What atreat!   As predicted by Jonas in his yesterday's blog, the nightwas exciting - again. At 4am Chris, helming, turned to Derek "this is getting alittle bit uncomfortable...would you mind taking over?": While goose wingingthrough the night we were encountering yet another score. Wind speeds peaked at27+ knots and ultimately we lost our secret weapon, when the spinnaker polebroke off the mast. Kit and Gaby, mightily sleeping in their berthscould care less, if Kit had not been through out of her berth. Inany case, its great to. read more...


Incisor - blog Saturday 08.12.2018

Hey everyone,   we are now in the endgame with only 330 NM to go,running towards St. Lucia. Our expected time of arrival is Monday lunchtime(12:00 GMT).   While everything is peaceful and beautiful in daylight,'the night is dark and full of terrors': The wind starts to pick up, cloudsare appearing at the horizon and with no moonlight every night isgoing to be a new and exciting challenge which keepsthe crew going.    As the wind changed from NE to ENE we decidedto gybe this morning, keeping the goosewing. Except of Ashleyloosing his loved sunglasses the maneuver went well and the sails are stillin one piece.   Everyone on board is alright, 'Bombenstimmung', andlooking forward to nice shower and. read more...


Incisor - 7.12.18

After a long day sunning ourselves and cleaning the boatand mending the mainsail we all decided that we all need a shower so this wasattended to. Chili for dinner to celebrate with guacamole and Doritos chaserwith the left over wine, all very civilized. After that the sun went down the clouds came up thesqualls as predicted rolled in a Derek pulled an all nighter which all the crewappreciated. The sun is out again now and everyone is once againfocusing on the end game. Sandra x. read more...


Incisor - blog Thursday 06.12.2018

Hello everyone,   apologies for this late daily update - at 11am GMT wediscovered a 1m long tear in the main sail. to avoid to lose the whole sail forgood, we took it down and repaired whilst continuing on the asymmetricspinnaker. 3 hrs later the main sail has been back up again.  Now, we just had some breakfast and are back enjoyingourselves in the sun. we have blue sky, 15 knots of wind from 090 degr east and gowith approx 8 knots on a COG of 280 degr.  The night was again very dark (no moon)providing us a spectacular view on the sky above with numerous shootingstars. Same as during the previous nights the wind speeds seems to pick up from15-18 knots during the day to up to 22 kn gusting 25 kn at night - lots of actionwhile going by the. read more...


Incisor - The curious incident of the wave in the night

Preamble to incident. Woke up to find the dawn rising on the far horizon withsunbeams reaching out to the sea below. It was going to be a goodday. After our usual clean up mission of washing the decksdown of tea/scales/biscuit crumbs it was time to tackle the Fridge. An odour hadbeen fermenting and was reaching  pitch beyond human endurance so we set towith warm soapy water and a smidge of something stronger to get it back into theclean area that it should be. Once this had been tackled i set to with breakfast whichcomprised of porridge toped with granola and honey and then we had pancakes withfresh lemon juice/sugar/ pineapple. All this with the mighty Incisor trampingalong heading straight for St Lucia- See I told you it was going to be a goodday. After a bit of yachting around in. read more...

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