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Challenger 3
Owner Tall Ships Adventures
Design Challenge 72
Length Overall 21 m 63 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR8873R

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Challenger 3 - ARC 2018 my fundraising

My name is Ange Smith and to celebrate my 50th birthday, which was in August, I wanted an experience that was both physically and mentally challenging, adventurous and would take me totally out of my comfort zone. I am, therefore, taking on the ultimate sailing experience as a novice crew member, racing Challenger 3 across the Atlantic in the ARC 2018. The last time I did any sailing was when I was 22 when I went on the Sir Winston Churchill!! I thought that whilst I was undertaking this challenge it would be good to do some fundraising and raise money for a good cause. The charity I have chosen is the Tall Ships Youth Trust which help enable young people to have a similar life changing experience.If anyone taking part in the ARC 2018 or ARC2018+  would like. read more...


Challenger 3 - CF416 ARC 2016 CH3 - Blog 2016-12-08

Wednesday 7 Dec 2016The last 24 hours have been very interesting, and somewhat busy. On the lighter side, the ocean warrior barber was requested to pick up the scissors and chop, oops, cut Ralf’s hair. I hadn’t packed my hair scissors and had to rely on the pair from the first aid box, heaven help us if we need to actually cut skin !!We have been running the spinnaker constantly and through the night, achieving some good speeds and catching up Challenger 2. Last night we dropped it just as a squall was about to hit, and a bloody good call that was from the Mate, dropping the spinny and raising the yankee moments before the rain and turbulence surrounded the boat.Off watch had come and gone and the spinny still needed to be wooled, and as usual a game set of crew all mucked in with the. read more...


Challenger 3 - cf416 arc 2016 ch3 blog - 2016 - 12 - 07

Tuesday Morning 6th December 2016 Still flying the spinny, still with Ricky on the helm, but no Challenger 2 in sight.The AIS shows Challenger 2 at a steady range of 12.48 k with a speed of 8.4 against our 7.6 ( although our SOG remains constant at 8.5 +).Never trust computers. However C2 is trackng 266 against our 260.8 so we must eventually meet. 366 k to go and the excitement has captivated everyone in their own style – sleepy, laughing,serious,joking, political, grumpy but all wanting to win.Food is running low but Skipper has turned down Bill’s suggestion of a sweepstake for the first fresh meat. He had in any case taken himself out of the running because he reckoned that his meat would be too tough – but nicely aged. Our speed has now risen to 10.1 with the AIS recording 7.6 so. read more...


Challenger 3 - ARC 2016 BLOG

 Monday 5th December The Board of Inquiry on the disappearance of the Blog, with Bill as the plaintiff and Ralph as his legal advisor has been postponed until further notice. Apparently parts of the Blog were traced through e-mail, Cloud etc. A Report will be commissioned at vast cost but it is understood that after several heads have been nominated, and due Maxwelisation, it is not expected to be published before the decommissioning of Challenger 3. Morale remains high, despite the mysterious gain in ground by Challenger 2. Our blue Spinny is flying with an SOG of 5.6K. Ricky has promised us blood. Sweat and tears to keep ahead, with woolling spinnakers, Yanky poles and grinding winches all night until we have won. Yipee. Meanwhile the competition between the 3. read more...


Challenger 3 - CF416 AR C2016 - CH3 Blog 2016-12-05

Sunday 4th December 2016 Our head sails and kite have faired well, at least compared to the other Challengers who seem to have lost at least one sail each to the demands of an ocean crossing. However, in the fairly light winds our main sail has taking a bit of a flogging and has required some ‘on the hoof’ repairs. Yesterday a large split half way up the main was identified by Charlie of B Watch, but it was the way in which it was identified that has, up until now, been kept under wraps. The report to Captain Ricky was that the tear was spotted during one of our regular deck walk inspections. The reality was that Charlie was having a snooze in the cockpit when he was woken up by sun light streaming through the main. Ricky was hoisted halfway up the mast using the spinnaker. read more...

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