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Owner Performance Yacht Racing
Design Beneteau First 47.7
Length Overall 14 m 80 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4778R

EH01 is Global Yacht Racing's flagship yacht. Global Yacht Racing offers individuals and groups the chance to get on board and become part of a great race team participating in major regattas and offshore races around the world. We believe that with the right training and motivation 'anyone can do it!'
Past results include 1st in division and 1st overall in the ARC 2010, 2nd in class RORC Caribbean 600 2011, 3rd in class Antigua Sailing Week 2011, 2nd in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 07, 2nd BVI Regatta 2008 and 2012.

EH01 will be campaigning in all the major Caribbean Regattas in 2014 and is available for individuals or whole boat charter Call(+44)0845 634 1452 for information or email [email protected]

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EH01 - The Final Days

  Mother nature is something that you cannot change but you can sure changeyour sails. It’s been a challenging 24-36 hours with inescapable heat, winddirection changes, gusts, lulls, odd angled waves and swell, rain, and squallafter squall. Just after we’ve spent 30 minutes of work taking down sails andputting up other sails, we’ve found ourselves putting it all back the way itwas. Our skills and patience have been tested. We’ve acquired a few more bruisesand the skin on our hands has toughened a little more. We may have slowed ourprogress in what feels like the final push to this finish line, but we all feelwe have put our best foot forward in these last miles. Yet in these final moments of our race we’ve had time to enjoy our lastsunset, the last supper together, the final starry. read more...


EH01 - EH01 Day 13

Yesterday we listened to The Proclaimers as we crossed the 500 mileremaining mark.  Still a long way to go, but when you look at a map (chartin boating terms) you can see how close we are. Our time on board is now beingmeasured in days rather than weeks and I took the opportunity to ask everyone tosum up their trip so far in one word. Andras – Relaxing Alex – Sweaty Marco – Magnificent Jake – Unrelenting Carla – Epic Emma – Fun Olivia – Inspiring Stuart – Exhilarating Charles – Exciting Alan – Calming Javier – Team We are all on the same voyage, but we all take away somethingdifferent.  Discussions about what we would say when people asked “what wasit like” were surprisingly different.  A wise man once said “there are manypaths” and this is indeed true. We are staying. read more...


EH01 - Day 12

A day in the life of a sailor....   0730 woken up with a sunrise and the clang in the kitchen and up above.Gobble up a peanut butter and nutella sandwich maybe with granola. Maybe somecereal. 0800 watch starts... usually with a sail change. The night shift heads downfor their breakfast and off to bed Watch includes – helming (steering), looking out for other boats, tidyingup the ropes and gear. Perhaps even some fishing, sunbathing, and a lot of chitchat 1100 start preparing the lunch of some sort of tortilla wrap with meat,cheese, and veggie if any are left. Wake up the sleeping crew if they have notalready been up washing themselves with baby wipes, and brushing theirteeth. 1200 noon. The new crew comes up to the cockpit and settles in afterreceiving a report of the course to. read more...


EH01 - Day 11

Day 11 already – we continue to make good progress with about 700 miles togo and hope of arriving in St Lucia on Monday next (Day 15). We have been luckyto have had fair winds and the prospect of a fast passage. So what has been theARC experience for us so far? A peaceful sail downwind or something morechallenging? Discussion on this during the quiet hours of the night watchesproduced a fair consensus – living the watch system over an extended period oftime is a challenge. There is an ordered rhythm to life but sleep in three hourintervals leaves you short on nights where you have stood two watches or beencalled up on deck to help with a sail change. Sailing in these latitudes bringsmild conditions but also twelve hours of darkness. And somehow, more things seemto happen at night – 01.30. read more...


EH01 - Day 9

The Beneteau First 47.7 ‘EH01’ is crewed by 2 professional and 9 amateursailors in 2 crews of 5 each lead by Skipper Andras. Watches (shifts) change 4 hr 24/7 giving the off-watch sufficient rest.Most sail evolutions/changes can be done by the on-watch crew while more complexmanoeuvres require extra hands from the off-watch crew. The ARC transatlantic crossing is timed to coincide with the easterly tradewinds so most of the sailing is downwind using the big Mainsail and a Spinnakeraka kite, which billows out at the front and  can be as large as a tenniscourt. Other downwind sail variations exist, however this is our most effectivein one form or another. We carry a variety of spinnakers which differ inmaterial, weight and area and the skipper’s skill is in choosing the kite tomatch. read more...

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