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Owner Performance Yacht Racing
Design Beneteau First 47.7
Length Overall 14 m 80 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4778R

EH01 is Global Yacht Racing's flagship yacht. Global Yacht Racing offers individuals and groups the chance to get on board and become part of a great race team participating in major regattas and offshore races around the world. We believe that with the right training and motivation 'anyone can do it!'
Past results include 1st in division and 1st overall in the ARC 2010, 2nd in class RORC Caribbean 600 2011, 3rd in class Antigua Sailing Week 2011, 2nd in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 07, 2nd BVI Regatta 2008 and 2012.

EH01 will be campaigning in all the major Caribbean Regattas in 2014 and is available for individuals or whole boat charter Call(+44)0845 634 1452 for information or email

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EH01 - Day 20, December 10, 2017

Happy to report we are exactly 253 nm from St.Lucia as I write this note.The crew is both elated and reminiscent – what an adventure this has been! Thatfirst day we introduced ourselves, that first impression, that first meal...then the practice on EH01 – it all seems a long time ago. I think we are allproud of each other and ourselves which was one of the goals no matter our‘reason’ for signing up. Mixing racing champions with nautical enthusiasts whomasquerade as professors, accountants, engineers and doctors seemed at odds butPYR knew what they were doing and my hat goes off to our very experiencedSkipper, Andras.We are placing bets on arrival time (Sunday late night/Monday earlymorning), playing ‘spot this island’ and continue to be challenged by Andras’sunrelenting. read more...


EH01 - Day 8, Monday, 27.11

Well, we’re back after a few days of funky, upwind sailing. We made someprogress over the past few days with the help of a low pressure system giving usplenty of wind. However, it seems there is not much wind behind it apart from anew high pressure system developing which does not have any breeze. Hence wecouldnt stay slightly N of the rhumb line (as previously planned) and headstraight towards St Lucia but we have to duck due south to catch the trade windswhich will be driven by the high pressure system I mentioned above. So ifeveryone is wondering why we are sailing away from St Lucia that is thereason. Conditions are very light but at least we are moving south. It’s going tostay light for the next 2-3 days but we hope to catch the trades towards thesecond half of the week and make up. read more...


EH01 - Day 3, Wednesday, 22 November

hello from the good ship EH01,   Apologies for the radio silence, we have been busy navigating and settlinginto living on board over the first few days.   The weather isnt particulary favourable to us this year with hardly anywind in the middle of the Atlantic. Hence most of the boats in our fleet decidedto stay slightly north of the great circle route to find more pressure. However,this means that we have to deal with some uncomfortable upwind sailing, rainshowers and squalls in the hope of finally finding trade winds this weekend andset up for a nice, downwind sail towards St. Lucia.   Crew has been fantastic looking after each other and the boat, helpingeverywhere they could to make life easier on board for everyone. After a day andnight of upwind sailing and slamming. read more...


EH01 - Day 17, 18 & 19

Final hellofrom the crew of EH01!!!!   We are now35nm from Rodney Bay and you can smell the ginger ale from the Dark andStormeys.... so this will be the last blog and it was great chatting with youand receiving your telepathic best wishes and if you would like to contact TeamEH01 we will be in the nearest beach bar to our berth.!!   Last nightand this morning were tough, we had awful sea states and were on the end ofgusty winds and trucked along with the kite all night. Most of the crew only got1-2 hours sleeps so there was some tired heads this morning and after some slowmanouveres we are heading towards our final waypoint.!  Kudos to all ourgreat helms on both watches as they really pushed the distance over the lastcouple of days It lookslike the Jimbo or Starkers could. read more...


EH01 - Day 14 & 15

  Hello hellohello from the sun soaked Atlantic..   We have nowsailed 2700nm which is so amazing and have 430nm to go..!! The mood ishigh on EH01 as the crew are getting some overdue sun and R&R “off watch”and working our behinds off “on watch”” to make up any additional miles that wecan.  TheAtlantic really has a split personality: one day she is sending squall aftersquall and the crew are exhausted, bruised and battered and the next day all isforgiven and she is sending great winds with lovely sunshine. Andras said thathe has never encountered so many squalls on a crossing , he is lucky we are sucha well oiled crew.! On watch thismorning our crew were all watching the squall cloud-line and it was so great aswe were able to keep the kite up for as long as possible and. read more...

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