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Owner Peter Lindsay
Design Tayana Vancouver 42
Length Overall 12 m 73 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Tahira - TAHIRA ARC BLOG D-Day 20 [10-Dec-23]

TAHIRA ARC BLOGD-Day 20 [10-Dec-23]Location: St Lucia - Rodney BayLat: 14.04N Long: 60.57WARRIVING IN ST LUCIAToday we arrive in St. Lucia - fantastic.A journey of 3 thirds culminating in a successful arrival in Rodney Bar, St. Lucia.Our blog will now formally close and we look forward to catching up with everyone face-to-face over the next week or so.You have been following....A team of 6 individuals coming together for one objective only - to successfully complete an Atlantic crossing, and to do so in a way where the full crew would enjoy sitting and having an ice cold beer together on arrival.Our thanks to...Our skippers:Chris and John are extraordinary sailors, leaders and coaches.They have given us huge confidence to take on anything the crossing may have thrown at us.Tahira owners:. read more...


Tahira - TAHIRA ARC BLOG D-Day 19 [09-Dec-23]

TAHIRA ARC BLOGD-Day 19 [09-Dec-23]Location: St Lucia approach - 2 days outLat: 14.16N Long: 57.21WBEST AND WORST MEMORIESJust one more day to go.What a trip!As we reflect back on the voyage we realise everyone's goals have been met without exception, and we all rate our experiences as 9 or more out of 10.Did everything go according to plan - no!We have met and overcome challenges and comeout with smiles on our faces.Here are the combined memories of the trip:Best memoriesWe had some great memories:- Sailing under the stars and moon at night, with the bonus of the phosphorescence in the water off the Senegal coast.- The joy of sitting together over dinner at the end of the day - although we all learned not to sit on the leeward side as you are likely to get your dinner or drink in your. read more...


Tahira - TAHIRA ARC BLOG D-Day 18 [08-Dec-23

TAHIRA ARC BLOGD-Day 18 [08-Dec-23]Location: St Lucia - 3 days outLat 14.17N: Long: 54.39W TOP TIPSAs we approach the end of our voyage, we look back and reflect on what we have learned.As the author of this blog, I have had the pleasure to sail with some of the most experienced sailors I have known - each of them happy to share their thoughts and insights as we crossed the Atlantic.But some of the top tips below have also come from the less experienced members of the crew - people who can take a different perspective on things as they look in from the outside:The crew" Enjoy your sailing: in a long event such as an Atlantic crossing , too much focus can be on getting to the end or beating a particular time. Ensure you 'live in the moment' and enjoy the sailing itself.It is a unique. read more...


Tahira - TAHIRA ARC BLOG D-Day 17 [07-Dec-23]

TAHIRA ARC BLOGD-Day 17 [07-Dec-23]Location: Open Seas - AtlanticLat: 14.18N Long: 52.17WTHE PERFECT STORMAnd just when it was all going so well! :.This is a brief summary of a lively night's sailing a few days ago where we were able to fully test Tahira and her crew in a lightening storm and 40 knot winds.We are now safety heading to St Lucia with just 3 days of easy sailing, so thought now would be a good time to tell the story.18:00 04-12-2023:It is 6pm on 4-Dec when we receive a warning of squalls in our area.These are small localised rain-dense clouds that start at the surface of the sea and extend high into the sky.They can strike with a degree of intensity before passing over within 10 minutes.Our watch was briefed and ready - 'try to dodge the clouds if possible, and if you. read more...


TAHIRA ARC BLOG D-Day 16 [06-Nov-23]

TAHIRA ARC BLOGD-Day 16 [06-Nov-23]Location: Open Seas - AtlanticLat 14.28N: Long: 49.51WFIT FOR SAILINGKeeping physically and mentally fit is an important aspect of life for us all - particularly as none of us are spring chickens any more! :Each person deciding on the right balance for them as individuals.This is more important but also more difficult on a 42 foot boat in the Atlantic with differing routines are different, new sleep patterns and limited diets any exercises need to be performed at a 30 degree angle whilst the boat rocks from side to side.The physical challengeOf our crew of six we had two who exercised on a semi-regular basis - and one fanatic (John) who managed to exercise everyday.Our routines varied, but we all needed to find something we could do that we would. read more...

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