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Owner Adam & Guillemette Spiegel
Design Hallberg-Rassy 57
Length Overall 18 m 44 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Saltair - Using up the last of the eggs!

Arrival is in sight for us. The sea state has been very confused with big wave sets making for a slightly uncomfortable ride below deck but a glorious time above! During the day we hand steer and have fun surfing the waves! To keep everyone well fed we have been baking and using up the last of the eggs- Freshly made pancakes one morning and a Clafoutis aux Pommes (French apple custard) today!  . read more...


Saltair - 1100 Miles from Anywhere

Adam here.Tonight I’m on the midnight to three watch. It is a beautifully starry night with an almost full moon punctuated by scattered trade wind clouds. The wind is a bit shifty and gustythough, making for the occasional loud (and scary) “POP” from our huge, double-sided downwind sail. We are sailing at 7.5 - 8 knots in 15 -18 knots of wind 150 - 160 degrees off our starboard bow.It has been a difficult past few months for us. Our time in Las Palmas was largely spent waiting for various vendors to complete repair work and systems installations. The repair list included our starboard rudder bearing, two sails and the genoa halyard swivel. We also took the opportunity to add 810 watts of solar panels to Saltair, which required stainless and. read more...


Saltair - Plastic

Saw Solaris blog post on plastic… we are also trying to be conscious of recycling. We have 3 bins, a small one for any organic waste that can go back to the sea, one for the smelly trash and one for recycling. To keep odors down we use salt water (we have a salt water pump in the galley) to rinse everything out! Once in St Lucia we can sort through the mixed recycling bags! . read more...


Saltair - Halfway celebration

On Wednesday, day 11 of our voyage we had about sailed half of our predicted total distance and celebrated with a nice meal - highlight was the sticky rice and mango dessert! Our St Lucia parrot Cinnamon joined the celebration!  It is a bit of a longer passage than we expected but now that we have good winds, we are really enjoying the sailing! . read more...


Saltair - Fun driving today!

Really nice conditions today! Everyone is enjoying making the boat go fast!. read more...

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