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Owner Sam Baker
Design Privilege 510
Length Overall 17 m 9 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 3

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TicLuna - Wish you Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Wishing you all smooth seas, fair winds and endless horizons.. read more...


TicLuna - Embracing the stillness of the wind on-board TicLuna

With the sails hanging limp, we embraced the serenity, taking in the breath taking views that are often overlooked in the rush of wind-filled sails. The sun cast a warm glow on the water, turning the horizon into a beautiful canvas. To pass the time, a makeshift backgammon competition ensued, and stories were shared as we basked in the stillness. Without the usual hum of the wind guiding us, we relied on our trusty engine to continue our journey.As the sun was getting close to the horizon, we were finally gifted with some wind to sail quietly into the sunset. In the end, fair winds or not, every day on the water is an adventure worth embracing. . read more...


TicLuna - Low winds but a lot of excitement

Our second day had big parts of low winds but a lot of excitement with sightings of dolphins and whales, but the peak was when one of our fishing rods started singing. After some fighting, we managed to get onboard a really good sized Mahi Mahi that providedan amazing sushimi and garlic seared dinner and some more future dishes.  . read more...

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