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Owner Niko Punin
Design Marsaudon TS42
Length Overall 13 m 86 cm
Flag Jersey
Sail Number

Fully Electric and CO2 emission free sporty cruising catamaran by naval architect Christophe Barreau.

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Elektra - Seamonster attack!

Oh my! We were just cruising along trying to catch up with the leaders when suddenly the fishing reel went off and we had to drop spinnaker and start reeling in the catch. Little did we know what was on the other end.Measured 280cm from tip to tip. Weight unknown but around 100kg, needed to winch her out. Took a good 2h to reel out. Needless to say what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 6 days. :DAny vessels sailing nearby are more than welcome to come along so we can share some of the catch. ELEKTRA over and outimage1 image2 image3. read more...


Elektra - unexpected nightly encounter

During the night hours something popped up on AIS that was moving at over 30 knots.. :)All-in-all going well here on Elektra. Caught a Mahi-mahi W of Cabo Verde and have been having BBQs in the sun with cold beers while surfing along at 15+ knots. Battery SOC is stable as we are regenerating daily during times when we have good boatspeed. Solar covers our cooking and laptops etc charging. Our performance have been slightly hit by tack getting worn out due to poor finish on the metal ring of the tack of the big spinnaker. Luckily noticed before it got completely loose and changed to the smaller spi which we were thinking of relying on anyway in the stronger winds that we’re anticipating.We are still unsure if the radar is functioning correctly as there’s not much to get a reflection. read more...

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