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Owner Rubicon 3
Design Clipper 60
Length Overall 18 m 26 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number R3

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Bluejay - Bluejay Blog

For immediatereleaseNovember 30th,2023Rubicon 3 Marine InnovationspresentThe Yankee 4 SunShadeImagine a world where the sun'srelentless rays no longer dictate your comfort. A world where you can enjoy thevast oceans without squinting or sweating. That world is here, and it's broughtto you by the Yankee 4 Sun Shade. The product of extensive research andgruelling at sea testing during the ARC 2023, the Yankee 4 Sun Shade is craftedfrom a single fitted bedsheet consisting of the finest linen sourced from themost exclusive dollar store in Las Palmas, a pure testament to ingenious designand economical sourcing. This isn't just any bedsheet; it's a status symbol sureto stand out on the docks, a beacon of not only shade but in fact refined tasteset against the sun-drenched landscape. The Yankee. read more...


Bluejay Blog

A watch blog Day 8 of the Bluejay Big Brother experiment and we are in fine spirits. We have developed into a finely tuned, sun tanned and muscled sailing machine, determine to outpace with our closest rivals in the race, our colleagues from the other Rubicon 3 boat, Hummingbird. The talk is of little else, where is Hummingbird now - how far behind, in front, to the north, to the west, east or south of us are they? We are not entirely sure whether the crew of Hummingbird has the same competitive intent but we can't take any chances. That is why we were delighted to see that we arrived just in front Hummingbird at our fuel stop in Cape Verde, where we took on more diesel just to make sure that we were covered for the remaining 2,100 miles to St Lucia. After some jockeying in the fuel. read more...


Bluejay - Blog

Blog:Yesterday we retired for the day at midnight wondering if the lonely cicada that had joined us on board, sending out his chirpy call, would ever find a mate so far from land. After a good night's sleep on stomach's full of a delicious ratatouille dinner, we woke with an extra spring in our steps at 05.30, knowing that today was a special day - shower day! We made our way to the cockpit to be greeted by a sensational clear star-lit scene. Within a few minutes we saw a shooting star in the vast western sky. At sunrise we were joined by a large pod of dolphins that played for about 15 minutes on the bow. Great video was captured. Spirits are high as we expect to hit the trade winds any time now to speed us on our way to St Lucia.- David, David and Steve - B WatchI was meant to forward. read more...


Bluejay - Blog

Bluejay Report  Tuesday, November 21,2023At 1116 hrs localtime Gran Canaria, the 60 foot cutter Bluejay of Portsmouth was gangplank-upready to slip her lines to commence the famous Atlantic Rally Crossing, the ARC2023. Moments later the bonded Bluejay crew of 10 (Michael, Richard, Nic,Robert, Steve, David and yes another David, Anders, Andrew and Angus) followedthe calm yet decisive directions of Skipper Holly and first mate Manu to castlines and off we went, into the traffic jam procession out of themoorings.At 1304 Bluejaycrossed the starting line along with the numerous other boats in the CruisingDivision. The fleet followed the guidance of the ARC weather experts and set outacross the top of Gran Canaria SOUTHWARD towards the continent of Africa inorder to catch southerly winds.. read more...

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