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Sea to Sky
Owner Richard Boucher
Design Lagoon 42-2
Length Overall 12 m 80 cm
Flag Canada
Sail Number

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Sea to Sky - Dyed Oceans

I remember reading a story when I was little about how the oceans are blue because someone poured buckets upon buckets of blue dye into the water. I love that story because it’s such a simple answer to such a complicated phenomenon. Although, its water as brilliant and bright as the waves that now surround me that make me question whether there’s any truth to that tale. I can only describe the ocean out here as the purest and most vibrant shade of blue you could possibly imagine. It reminds me of the colour blue food colouring turns frosting.The skies continue to dazzle me, their colours and contours are deeply enticing. The wonderfully beautiful sunsets that stretch across the skies and dance atop the waves serve as daily rewards for getting just that much closer to the other side. The. read more...


Sea to Sky - An Electronic Postcard from the Atlantic

It’s safe to say that the days at sea are inevitably and slowly starting to melt together. It’s getting harder to distinguish between today, yesterday, and last week. I’m starting to understand how so many sailors start to hallucinate on long journeys. Just the other day my Mom was positively convinced that there was a massive iceberg and a range of mountains looming over our boat, but it was a mirage of clouds at sunrise. The highlights of my days have become sending and receiving satellite emails. Funny enough, I normally couldn’t be bothered to check my email at home. It’s interesting to see how such a minuscule part of life is magnified amidst the waves. In an exciting turn of events, we caught our first fish today! Sadly, we all found the shimmery green Dorado too pretty to eat and. read more...

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