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Owner Mareike Guhr
Design Nautitech 47
Length Overall 14 m 45 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Moana - Poem

Moana 10.dec.2019We are sailing ....with "Moana" 46 Cat,a beautiful feeling,Atlantic waves fat.The days are runningwith sun, moon and stars.Our soul is understandingEarth is much better than Mars.What a wonderful worldour planet still is.ARC shows curledits time to save this.Wolfgang. read more...


Moana - Greetings from Moana

Hi.this is Moana-Crew once again.We started two weeks ago as a mixed crew -all sailors- but with different experiences. Now we are a really good working team. Mood and atmosphere on board is fantastic.We are looking forward to reach Rodney Bay on approximately Friday. Last Days we got daily two or three squalls with winds up to 30 Kn and rain, but also with wonderful rainbows as today at 09:30 a.m..Good luck for all others,Moana-Team. read more...


Moana - ARC 2019 "Moana"

We are living in a steady change of be on watch, working in the kitchen and try to sleep. The last night shifts tropical rain and squalls to 33knots showed us the impact of sailing in the south Atlantic. Only 1200sm to St. Lucia and a cold beer! (no beer on board allowed!)@Moana. read more...


Moana - Moana and the dolphins

Enjoying the beginning of the next beautiful sundown a school of roughly 20 dolphins crossed our westerly course and followed us for more than 15 minutes. We were really delighted and hardly impressed lying on the bow beam of our catamaran. Besides this highlight our mute is accordingly to our speed, but on high level - no worries. We are still waiting for a constant passat with more pressure as in the last 48h and are switching between main / jib and parasail accordingly to the wind direction. ---- This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone. Please be kind and keep your replies short.. read more...


Moana - Slow boat to St. Lucia

After a slow first week making our way down to look for the trades we have finally changed course to head directly for St. Lucia. The wind is not yet as strong as we wish for, so progress seems not too favourable compared to the fleet further north, but hey - moral is fine and we are enjoying the rhythm of the sea. We had our first MahiMahi on day three and a lovely advent coffee and cookies yesterday. As its getting warmer the Caribbean is on our minds! Cheers from Moana and Crew.. read more...

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