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Owner Cyrille Rio
Design Lagoon 450S
Length Overall 13 m 96 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Idefix - update day 18

Tough day for the skipper today. First, just barely awake for the watch, wanted to help the crew who was reducing the Genoa, I switch off the navigation electronic instead of switching on the bridge light... Autopilot was off, and boat started to turn around, no electronic references, sails flapping. Quite fun! Lesson learn, no action before completely awake, and don't try to help the crew doing things right!Then, by end of the day, bad infection as sore throat. WTH. A parts from that, the day was average, good speed but swell still a bit difficult. We managed to keep the code0 for most of the day and only got the first bad squall (>30kts) after we furled, so it was all good.With water temp at 29C, we all feel it is time to arrive and get a good swim as we didn't have one in. read more...


Idefix - update day 17

Probably less than 3 days to go. Planning for arrival early Friday morning.The wind has been a bit on the strong side today, but especially the ocean was rough. The swell was very uncomfortable, and pretty much for the first time we had to watch for objects not to fall!Early this morning, à flying fish found its way into Vincent and Veronique's cabin. Vincent was asleep and got an interesting alarm call!We couldn't fish as we saw a lot of small Sargasso weed. Hope the beaches aren't too bad. Water temp hit 28C for the first time, we all look forward our first swim. But won't be in the middle of the oceanWhile there are about 150 ARC vessels around us, we still met 3 other sailing boats crossing the Atlantic but not part of the ARC. The ovni Moria and yesterday Fox and Mille Visages. Fun. read more...


Idefix - update day 16

Last week of a transatlantic crossing. Shoot, not enough time left to do all what we wanted. But what exactly was that.... While Sunday night was rough, Today was really feeling like perfect tradewinds: 16-19kts, 90degree of wind, reasonable swell, blue sky with small cumulus clouds, and sea temperature at 28C!We are all looking for a swim now, getting urgent. This water temp is so tempting.Veronique found a pdf with tons of old 80s variety songs lyrics, guitar out and here comes the afternoon activity when no sail changes and no fish.Hello Bianco. Shoot, another monohull coming out fast out of nowhere and likely going to pass us again. Tomorrow we'll have to get the asymmetric back on.560 miles to go, should be there by Friday. Really it goes fast. Nice and easy passage making aboard. read more...


Idefix - Update day 15

Interesting how one day can be somehow different than the other... While yesterday was busy, today was not: no fish and no change in sails. After we gybed in early morning, nothing really happened.True there were much more squalls, but we just sails through. Weather forecast still a bit off especially wind direction, whether squall or not. Only two important events: 2 weeks at sea "anniversary", and dolphins visiting at sunset. Rest of the day was resting, reading and preparing food as usual... Question: What food are you craving for that you'll eat first when in saint Lucy? Answer: when we arrive in saint Lucy, we'll have to go on a diet!!!c.. read more...


Idefix - Idefix update day 14

Very busy day today:First a huge squall was on approach this morning, we got prepared and were waiting for it, but it passed us really close - maybe 100m or so. We could see the water surface with the rain and the large cloud above, but we didnt get hit. Pretty impressive. Then crew pressure this morning to hoist the code0 as the shy has cleared and wind was down. Ok, code0 on. We were very fast. Caught a fish, but not surprisingly with the speed above 9, it was too hard too bring it back and we lost it. Shortly after, another one. This time we managed to bring the Mahi-mahi back on board. Just before lunch, perfect timing, and went straight to the plates! sky darkened after lunch and while it didnt look like a bad squeal, we brought back the code0... for only a little while.. read more...

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