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Murphys Law
Owner Pål Dahl
Design Sweden Yachts C34
Length Overall 10 m 36 cm
Flag Norway
Sail Number

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Murphys Law - Day 19 // Fishy fishy

Finally we got the beast, following us for days, and eating multiple of our bait. The hungry mai-mai, couldn`t resist the squid, and ended up on a lovely curry-based dinner.To be 100% honest, both myself and Halvor are afraid of touching living fish, so Eivind had to seal the deal, stabbing the fish in the head with a knife. The alternative solution was to pour some old greek ouzo/raki in the gills. However, given the aweful taste of this boost, we decided it was more humane with the knife.image1. read more...


Murphys Law - Day 20 // Onions are king

The storage of fresh produce is declining.The onions have shown good sportmanship and are basically in the same condition when we left Las Palmas, even tough they are swinging back and forth in a hammock, in the sun. The carrots proved to show the biggest disappointment, as they started to rot already after a couple of days. We probably bought the wrong kind in Las Palmas.Eivind undertook the second visit to Carefour, with empty stomach, and ended up buying an unprecedented amount of chocolate. The last couple of weeks shows chocolate is not the preferred snack of choice in hot weather. I am trying to force Eivind to eat all the chocolate before arriving in St. Lucia, as I have already added to many kilos.image1. read more...


Murphys Law - Day 21 // Visiting Whale

Today we had a royal visit. A compact chubby whale appeared, and decided to join us for an hour. It was easily entertained, as it required no more than swimming around the boat, sometimes casting a glanze on the weird creatures on deck. Also, it was briefing with its back-swimming-skills.We considered offering it some of our tuna salad, but assumed it would be taken as a an insult, as is most probably prefers krill.image1. read more...


Murphys Law - Day 16 // An ode to Borris

An ode to Borris. Borris never complained. He sat long watches. Day and night. Didn`t eat. Didn`t sleep. In retrospect, it seems this was to much for him. Our dear autopiltot have gone to a better place. Back to hand steering for the second half of the ARC then.As mentioned, now we are halfway there. We regret we havn`t downloaded Bon Jovi`s song, with this lyrics, in Spotifys offline mode. Already starting to visualize the different rum-powered drinks in the Caribbean and feeling the sand between our toes./Pålimage1. read more...


Murphys Law - Day 15 // The beasts below

During the night the beasts of the sea have taken the entire squid, purchased in Las Palmas. The 36 kg fishing line has been ripped right through, and the final meter of wire is also gone. This is evidence of a large, hungry fish down there. We have not given up.Also, we have decided to stay on Las Palmas time onboard Murphys Law. The implications are that some of the watches are starting to change characteristics. Onboard we (3 persons) rotate the watches by a 3-hour system, starting from 0000, 0300, 0600 and so on. Clearly the sunrise, will arrive at a later point in the 06-09 watch than before. It will be interesting to see what the local time in St. Lucia will be when we arrive./Pålimage1. read more...

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