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Rum Bucket
Owner Quintin Fowler
Design More 55
Length Overall 16 m 70 cm
Flag New Zealand
Sail Number NZL9674

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Rum Bucket - Rum Bucket update

Got up, furled Genoa, gybed, blew up outhaul, put 1st reef in main, had a coffee, swore a bit, got A5 up, 17 knots of breeze wrapped A5 halyard in jammer, swore a lot, got A5 down, poled out Genoa, crash gybed the main, pulled in Genoa, put down haul on pole, poled out Genoa, had bacon eggs and beans for breakfast, filled fridge with beer... the Rum Bucket crew have a bit on at the moment! Yo ho ho and a Bucket of Rum.... read more...


Rum Bucket - Last 48 hours on the NZ Rum Bucket

Rum Bucket update: the last 48 hours have been trying times for the crew and have limited options now going forward. Our 2:1 halyard has an issue at the top of the mast, so we used our masthead halyard to hoist our Code Zero to blast to St Lucia unfortunately in the middle of the night the halyard broke landing the Code Zero in the ocean but a very quick recovery of the sail by the crew had it back on board and stowed away. We have spent the day trying many ways to free the remaining masthead halyard trapped inside the mast but it won’t budge. We are now limited to our jib due to if we hoist a sail on our fractional halyard there is the unknown as to whether we will be able to drop it when the weather conditions change.The crew are very tired and just want to get to St Lucia ASAP.. read more...


Rum Bucket - NZ boat - Rum Bucket Update

Rum Bucket recap of the last 8 days at sea.With a fantastic start to the race the crew were fired up and ready to celebrate with Rum and Cake for one of our crew - Brian’s birthday at sundowners.With champagne sailing it was great to get into the groove.Three days in a hearty brunch of bacon, eggs and beans on toast was called for as it was our Owner/Skipper’s birthday of course in true Rum Bucket fashion Rum and Cake was consumed at sundowners. As the days go on it went from champagne sailing to drifting and eventually back to racing with the A3 up 15-20 knots breeze heading west for St Lucia.The sea state is uncomfortable but not too bad for Quintin’s world famous toasties!Last night was an eventful evening/early morning for us with strange noises coming from the steering gear.After. read more...

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