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One Life
Owner Didem & Colbjørn Foss
Design Lagoon 400
Length Overall 11 m 97 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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One Life - Day 19 - Saint Lucia Day

December 13 is Saint Lucia Day! We’d have loved to celebrated it on land. Ah well, only 250nm away, we made a cake and celebrated onboard! image1. read more...


One Life - Day 18 - First catch of the passage

Today I caught a fish, the first of this passage! But I had no idea what type it was. It had very dark green skin, a roundish shape, and a wide tail. Definitely not a tuna, nor a bonito, nor a mahi mahi. Unable to recognize what it was, we released it back to the ocean. Note to self: get a fish book for the next passage! image1. read more...


One Life - Day 17 - Birds

We are now approximately 500nm from Saint Lucia. So far, we’ve seen more flying fish and birds around us than anything. It never ceases to amaze me how far from land these birds can travel for feeding. Why do they fly so far? How do they rest? What do they drink? There will definitely be some Googleing, once we get to Rodney Bay. :) image1. read more...


One Life - Day 16 - Roller coaster ride

Less than 700nm left! Squalls were left and right last night. And quite the wind and associated wave action today, making it feel like a roller coaster ride all day long!  . read more...


One Life - Day 15 - Game on

Backgammon is the official game at One Life. Playing a few rounds is part of our routine most days. Ocean crossing is no exception! image1. read more...

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