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Owner Richard Dobbs
Design Swan 68
Length Overall 21 m 31 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR6821R

Titania was previously based on the US East Coast and then in Asia. She has raced three Sydney to Hobarts, two Kings Cups and one Fastnet. She has now retired from racing and will be cruising in the Med, Caribbean and US East Coast - crossing in the ARC.

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Titania - Titania: visited by a whale.

A whale swam by Titania around 5 times. Starting 300 metres behind then effortlessly swimming up to us and then diving down under the boat. It then repeated the same. It was hard to capture on camera - this was the best version we managed. I understand that it (or one similar) buzzed some other ARC boats.Watch the video: 2018-12-13 14.48.23. read more...


Titania - Titania Update: The Final Results are now in!

Sixteen days after the start, and two days after Titania finished in St Lucia, we can now confirm the final results are now in and have been declared.We are of course talking about the Titania sweepstake and not the ARC Race Committee results for the overall winner - the latter is still dependent on boats that are still at sea.Two days in to the crossing, we all had a guess at the final arrival time in St Lucia. The range of results ran between 18.30 hours on Sunday 9th and 1600 hours on Wednesday 12th December. I am pleased to announce that the winner is Freddie Bryn-jones. At the time, all the crew was deeply sceptical of Freddie's forecasting ability. Someone was heard to say that Freddie did not even know how many days there were in November (this might, incidentally be true).. read more...


Titania - Titania Day 14 update: arrival!

14:04:63 N 60:56:97 W Distance to finish... 0 miles   We have arrived in St Lucia! After almost 14 days of continuous sailing, we have completed thepassage of 2800 miles from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to Rodney Bay, St Lucia inthe Caribbean.  We could see the lights of Martinique ahead of usthrough the night, and the dimmer glow of St Lucia to the south, willing us ontowards the finish. As we arrived at the channel that separates the two islandsa line of squalls appeared, bringing strong winds (which just made us sailfaster) and rain. After two weeks of sailing downwind, it felt very different tobe hardening up into the wind as we turned south.   Then, with the lights of Rodney Bay ahead, and the largeblack shape of Pigeon Island on our bow, the rain stop, the skies. read more...


Titania - Titania Day 13 update: 11 Cowes Weeks in 13 days

 14:09 N 55:14 W Distance to finish: 328 nm   As we close in on the last 350 miles to St Lucia it isabout time to discuss some of the small breakages which we have encountered onthe journey. The first thing to note about these problems is that they arelargely wear and tear issues, and that the boat is very well stocked for eitherfixing or replacing parts wherever breakages begin to show.    The other thing to note is the extent to which Titaniahas travelled without stopping - at a speed of roughly 9 knots. This haslead to sheets (ropes), which are at constant tension, wearing out overtime, and a few small problems with the headsail (genoa). For a bit ofperspective, Titania has been sailing now for the equivalent of 11 Cowes Weekswithout stopping. This time. read more...


Titania - Day update: thr 12 days of the ARC

N 15:04:86  W52:02:67 Distance to finish520 nm Another cracking dayof sailing with sunshine, blue skies and favourable winds. Yesterday we hadthe Spinnaker out (see photo). Today we are back goose winged. We are reallyeating up the miles now and the finish line is getting evercloser. I thinkonboard we all forget that it is December and Christmas is barely 3weeks away now. I'm sure at home the trees and decorations are being putup. Christmas cards are being written and present shopping is reachingfever pitch. Christmas songs are on the radio and everyone has had enough ofKevin the Carrot and the Elton John Lewis advert. To try and getourselves into the Christmas spirit, and given we are now on day 12 of ourcrossing,  we have had a bash at. read more...

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