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Theia of London
Owner Mark Jagger
Design CNB Bordeaux 60
Length Overall 18 m 59 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR6000x

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Theia of London - Day 15.2 | We're finished!

14.04.9N 060 57.8W@ 22:24:04UT 10/12/2018   Total Distance Sailed:2,946nm   Tune of the day: [insert]   Minkey called "LAND AHOY!" at 1800UT, then we had thebest sunset we've had all trip (photos to follow). Since then we've only gone andruddy done it! 2,946 nautical miles in 15 days 9 hours 24minutes and 04 seconds, Team Theia of London have crossed the finish linein Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. It's been a tough race with many highs and lows, so wethought we'd summerise with our personal highlights of therace:   Mark "Jags" Jagger Highest point - The massive dolphin pod that joinedus early on.   Lowest point - Blowing "Prince"up.  Mark "Minkey" Minkley Highest point - See a whale from the top of themast, surfing under the boat!. read more...


Theia of London - Day 15 | Don't count your chickens....

14 20.0N 059 46.8W@ 1300UT 10/12/2018   Daily Run: 186nm   Tune of the day: "Fishin' in the Dark"by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   After lunch yesterday, the breeze continued to drop, but we knew it wastemporary as all of our forecasts pointed to a new breeze setting in bymid-afternoon. As we drifted, we could see our ETA in St. Lucia fall dangerouslyclose to missing last orders in Rodney Bay on Monday night. That, for the crew,was a depressing thought. Luckily for us, we are entered into Cruising Division,which means that if we want, we can use our engine. However, engine usage doesincur hefty penalties. Deciding that a cold beer was more important thanour actual finishing position, the decision was made to switch on the irondonkey for a couple of hours and motor. read more...


Theia of London - Day 14 | So nearly there

14 42.5N 056 43.5W@ 1300UT 9/12/2018   Daily Run: 171nm *sadface*   Tune of the day: "Driftwood" byTravis Two weeks at sea, and we're so nearly there (220 milesat the time of writing) but its agonisingly slow going now as the winds havegone very light and we are crawling along.  We are expecting to limp overthe line in little more than 10 kts of breeze tomorrow lateafternoon.   Ben and Mark  have continued their celestialnavigation pursuits, but this time using stars and planets - instead of the sun- to determine our position. Shooting the star Vega was easy, Saturn wassomewhat challenging, but both Ben and Mark struggled to locateUranus... However, they have reliably informed the rest of the crew that we'restill in the North Atlantic and are. read more...


Theia of London - Day 13 | Unlucky for some...

15 06.2N 053 49.8W@ 1300UT 8/12/2018   Daily Run: 185nm   Tune of the day: "Rolling in the Deep"by Adele  Day 13...   Thirteen is Mark's 'lucky' number.  However, theday didn't start particularly well for him as he got drenched in a large squallthat came past us during his watch.  His daily prank involving earlymorning crew revile with Christmas music were then thwarted by Ben whoappears to have worked out how to remotely disconnect Mark's iphone from theBose bluetooth speaker and the Sonos system installed on board.  NoddyHolder was denied his annual royalty on this occasion in favour of "Flat Beat"by Mr Oizo.  It appears that a smart use of technology has neutralisedMark's well-meaning, but often unwelcome, desire to share his eclectic. read more...


Theia of London - Day 12 | Master Chef

15 57.9N 050 47.4W @ 1300hr 7/12/2018   Daily Run: 194nm   Tune of the day: "Rolling in the Deep"by Adele   Day 12...   Rolling seas and huge swell -  Theia is rocking back and forwardscontinuously in some huge swell which is making life below decks prettyunbearable now.  Anything that is not strapped down or stowed somewhere isnow flying around.  Ben flavoured lunch with floor dirt the other daywhen the whole thing slid onto the galley floor.  This morning Markhad a shouting match with 4 mugs when they launched themselves across thegalley.  Iain is rather enjoying the experience as he thinks it is good forhis core stability muscles.   The increased activity of the previous 24hrs certainly had an effect on thecrew. We are. read more...

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