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Owner Roy Pinder
Design Beneteau Oceanis 48
Length Overall 14 m 60 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number

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MR - Day 18: Land ho!

After 17 days and 10 hours we arrived safe and sound on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Last night our sailing boat was accompanied by perfect wind and we enjoyed several shooting stars during our night-watches. Unfortunately, the wind died during the next day and our speed over ground decreased for a couple of hours. Nonetheless, we were still able to arrive in the marina of Rodney Bay shortly after sunset and look forward to the welcome party tonight. We’re happy that we were able to complete the passage without any injuries and are ready to celebrate this success in the next days.. read more...


MR - Day 17: Surfing towards St. Lucia

After finishing our last plum cake today, the crew agreed that we should try to get to St. Lucia as fast as possible. The weather listened to our thoughts and we had perfect sailing conditions today. Supported by good swells and winds of 17-20 knots from the south-east our sailing vessel surfed across the Atlantic Ocean. We look forward to our last sailing day and are excited to see the Caribbean islands tomorrow.. read more...


MR - Day 16: Pole-change and seaweed

Since more than two weeks the wind has been blowing constantly from the north-east but in the past days it has moved slowly more and more towards the south-east. Therefore, this morning we decided to flip over the pole of our foresail from starboard to port. This change worked out perfectly and we were able to increase our VMG significantly.Also, today we encountered a lot of seaweed on our journey through the western Atlantic Ocean. This was a nice opportunity for the crew to get used to see something else around us than just blue water. We’re ready for the last 350 nm and can’t wait to arrive to beautiful St. Lucia soon.. read more...


MR - Day 15: Stokey’s radio signal from Venezuela

Today we had another great sailing day with a lot of sun. As today we’re offshore for more than two weeks, we decided to undergo a more in-depth rigging check than usual. Besides checking all the shekels, ropes and sails we took off the pole of the foresail and inspected it carefully.Also, our youngest crew member was able for to reach the signal of a Venezuelan radio station successfully. We tried the Frying Pan navigation method, but only learnt that Deportivo Tachira scored 1-0 against Barquisimeto in the 38 minute and listened to some nice Latino music.We are excited for our 500 nm and look forward to encounter more interesting radio stations in the next days.. read more...


MR - Day 14: Little wind and non-ARC-vessel no. 8

Unfortunately, today was another day with only little wind for us. Even though we only had 9-14 knots of wind, we managed to get 130 miles closer to St. Lucia by 8pm. The crew is still in high experience and there is a plenty of chocolate and cake left. Also, today was the second day that we didn’t encounter any other ARC-vessel on our AIS. After seeing a cruise ship this morning during sunrise, we’ve encountered eight non-ARC-vessels so far on our journey. By seeing this vessel, there is a tie between three crew members now.We hope that we will have more wind in the next days and are excited to find out how many more vessels we will meet on our journey.. read more...

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