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Gust of Wind
Owner Paul Anley
Design Catana 62
Length Overall 18 m 68 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number N/A

Gust of Wind is a Catana 62. I bought her as a demo boat in 2015 as I retired from the Pharma Company I founded in South Africa. Since then we have sailed her in the Western Med and during Summer 2016 to the Baltic, through the Kiel Canal, cruising Finland, Sweden, and Estonia before returning to La Rochelle where she was winterised. This year, starting in June, we sailed her across the Bay of Biscay, spending sometime in the Rias of Spain, down the Portugese Coast, across the Madiera. After a week there we crossed to the Canaries and have spent a month cruising these waters before preparing the boat for the ARC in Las Palmas.
For the Rally, the boat will be crewed by 4 yachtmaster ocean amoungst a crew of 7.
The bulk of the crew leave soon after the end of the ARC, while I and a my First Mate will cruise through the Southern Caribbean. Longer plan will be a slow circumnavigation while returning home to South Africa periodically to catch up with business and family.

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Gust of Wind - Final Day

Match Racing to the endThe last 24 hours saw some challenging and exhilarating sailing. Rain squalls with accompanying winds of 30 to 40 knots. Flying just the spinnaker, we would accelerate quickly as the gusts hit us. At one point we had a top speed of 24 knots (Can’t say exactly as the wind speed meter had been blown off the mast, sustained for 20 to 30 seconds, with the spray coming off the bows like a powerboat.)  This was followed by periods of very light winds. Shortly after sunrise we had dolphins on the bow again.Since a few days into the start of the race, we hadn’t seen another boat and then out of the darkness a few days ago loomed Celeste of Solent, a far 65. Each of us sailing our own race, our paths would cross as we both went in different directions only for us to. read more...


Gust of Wind - Towards the finish line

I would love to be able to tell you that the past couple days have been so busy that we have not had a chance to be able to sit down and give you an update, it would seem that procrastination is very much alive and kicking.So, coming back to you, ever so slightly (48 hours) delayed, let’s get you up to speed with the on goings on board GUST OF WIND.To be fair it’s been a challenging and ever so slightly tormenting couple of days. We have had spells of fantastic sailing, with the wind and sea playing ball and herding us to our destination. As I type this we have the wind right up our…. Stern… cruising in a very favourable heading towards Saint Lucia.The atmosphere aboard is calm and collected, with an undercurrent of heightened anticipation and excitement. With each person pretending not. read more...


Gust of Wind - 1 Dec

Another day spent in the blue desert….It sounds strenuous but every day is different out here, from the weather conditions to the occasional fauna, day after day the ocean has something special to offer. We have been stuck in a doldrum for about 5 days now but today Poseidon decided that it was time for us to move on and granted us a beautiful 10/15 knots with beautiful sea conditions. We jumped on the occasion, trimmed our big blue kite and here we go again, cruising to our average 9 to 10 knots. From the rare (or almost non-existent) knock on our fishing rod, another chafing line or the wind getting weaker or stronger, your feelings and emotions are variables of this blue infinite environment. Our compulsory 3 hours every night under this deep and vast set of millions of. read more...


Gust of Wind - Epic Day

Monday 27thDay 8 saw the sun rising over Gust of Wind, cruising along (under motor) close to the mid-point of our Atlantic crossing, and set the tone for an unforgettable day. First light saw the guys on watch having to remind themselves that they were, in fact, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as the conditions would sooner be related to a still, winters morning on the Langebaan lagoon. Our morning coffee and Corn Flakes came with a head-scratching session as we tried to figure out where the wind was going to come from. After a beautiful, all be it frustrating, morning switching between motor and sail, searching for that ever-elusive perfect angle we decided to make the most of what we were dealt. We turned our focus from the sailing and set the table for a slow lunch and a cheeky. read more...


Gust of Wind - Calm after the storm

Following the events of the previous couple days, we have been graced with a spell of good fortune.Saturday evening saw the seas settle and the wind find its happy medium, which meant for a pleasant and easy evening of rest and shifts throughout the night.Whilst we sat enjoying a good catch up over the events of the previous day or two, an unexpected squall snuck up on us out of nowhere. The trio on watch saw the perfect opportunity to take advantage and break the top speed to date, reaching 22 knots. Although short-lived this was an additional cherry on the cake; an added accomplishment, another silver lining in what had been a challenging yet rewarding part of our adventure.The evening shifts were graced by the Milky Way and its almost firework display of shooting stars, that left one. read more...

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