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Owner Timothy Butler
Design Halmatic 30
Length Overall 8 m 99 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Excalibur - Excalibur - 10

Musings on an Atlantic crossing, 10NeptuneBlack shark eyesHagfish mawMuscles of slab rockBloated fleshRazor scalesCrusted barnacle heartDon’t be fooled by his crown of pink coral And carnival court of colourful fish.His robes are the sails of a wrecked Indies traderHis shield is the hull of a torn submarineHis wrath is hundred foot thundering waveHis roar is a deafening wall of tsunami He will pick you up and hurl you clean from coast to coastHe will knock you down and drag you deep to the icy black.All hail NeptuneHail, and beware. read more...


Excalibur - Excalibur - 9

Musings on an Atlantic crossing, 9The Sadly True Ballad of the Clumsy SailorVerse 1What has she done now, the clumsy sailor?What has she done now, the clumsy sailor?What has she done now, the clumsy sailor?Early in the morningV2Got a riding turn on the main mast halyardV3Caught a reefing line in her trainer shoelaceV4Smashed the skipper’s mug, for christ’s sake don’t tell himV5Wrenched out all the wires from the battery monitorV6Spilled a cup of tea on the paper chart pileV7Lost a spanner down the bilge and it’s gone foreverChorusHeigh ho she’s gone and gybed itHeigh ho she’s gone and gybed itEtc. read more...


Excalibur - Excalibur - 8

Musings on an Atlantic crossing, 8Clare Pengally and the yellowshirts’ to-do list vs my to-do list:CP:Organise berthing for 300 boats and parties for 1000 sailorsLook after ocean-worn crewsCollate new research data on fresh produce survival ratesDraft doctoral thesis on Vegetable Preservation Methods for Ocean Passages (or Deep Space)Get 1000 more ARC t-shirts printed and through Caribbean customs before christmasGenerally be heroic and smile beautifully at everyone throughoutMe:Sit aboutLook at seaLook at sunsetLook at starsRead a bookSit aboutWait for fish to biteWatch tim sleepTweak sails unnecessarilySit aboutWonder why fish aren’t bitingWonder what it’s like to be a fishDo 5 sit-ups (low priority)Clean behind the stoveActually nah don’t bother with stoveAdmire new frecklesSit. read more...


Excalibur - Excalibur - 7

Musings on an Atlantic crossing, 7The Night StalkThe skipper hunts(Thump)NoisesCreaks and clatters bangs and thwacksHeadtorch and pants(Thump)StalkingThuds and rattles crashes thumpsHis prey waits(-)QuietUntil his back is turned to thump againHe spies the book(Thump)PouncesWedges it beneath a seatThe tin, the boot(Thump)SilencedSaucepans smothered, teatowels stuffed round mugsHe cocks his ear(-)NothingVictorious he tiptoes back to bed (Thump)(Thump). read more...


Excalibur - Excalibur - 5

Musings on an Atlantic Crossing, 5Little BirdLittle birdLost at seaHowling windsCrashing wavesWings spread wideDarting lowCome and restHere with usLittle birdHeart a blurFlutter wildEyes black stonesQuiet nowPeering roundGlad you foundOur refuge. read more...

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