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Makara of Exe
Owner Mike Reece & Ian Rogers
Design X-Yachts X-55
Length Overall 16 m 76 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR8550R

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Makara of Exe - Start of the World Arc

At 12.00 noon on Saturday 12th January, we set our sails and crossed the Start Line for the beginning of the World Arc 2018. Under the watchful eye of the majestic Pitons, we left beautiful St. Lucia,alongside 28 other yachts,whose captains and crew we have got to know over the past week.There had been an escalating build up to the start of this huge adventure and our two captains, Mike and Ian and our crew, David and Gail Leeder and me, all felt so exhilarated and relieved,to be sailing, particularly bearing in mind that Makara had been lifted out of the water two days previously to have her Stern Gland repaired. I didn't even know a boat had a Stern Gland but it certainly sounds very painful,poor Makara.Anyway,away from the Caribbean we sail, next stop St Marta Columbia......Joylene. read more...


Makara of Exe - Makara in St Lucia 14 04 N 60 56 W

We finally arrived at 0700 on Dec 13th. We could have arrived overnight but slowed down to get in at first light. We sailed 3,158 Nm from leaving Las Palmas at 0130 on Sunday 25th Nov. A lot of zig zagging the rhumb line caused us to sail 400 miles further than the actual distance.On our last night at sea we were treated to a wonderful sunset and then a pod of dolphins appeared out of nowhere as the sun set on 12th Dec.I think everyone is sad that the passage is over but relieved to be back on dry land and having showers without stumbling over. The lows of the trip were the squeaky rudder bearing, which we managed to fix, and the rip in the main, which we managed to patch up and is now in the hands of the local sail maker.The highs were some fantastic sailing days, constant wind, great. read more...


Makara of Exe - 18 hours away

So we are 18 hours away from the end and the two captains have finally learnt how to get the boat going in the right direction and that is... to use the engine. The benefit of this for me is that more of the deck is in the sun (I think they are getting more and more motivated by the rum at the end of the rhumb line). We are all looking forward to seeing the end to our night shifts and returning to a normal sleeping pattern. Although Dad is going to have to set an alarm to get his morning chocolate biscuit hit at 4am now instead. Every morning I come up for my shift and I see him guiltily nibbling before quickly hiding the packet in the fridge 'so the chocolate doesn't melt'. Our 18 day supply of chocolate has somehow only lasted 7.The last few days have been very relaxing on deck - the. read more...


Makara of Exe - Mutiny

Following the mutiny on board Makara yesterday by Jerry and Georgia, the new skippers have turned Makara into a motor boat. With the knowledge that we have enough fuel to reach our destination, we haven't seen any white material on deck apart from our drying laundry. In fact, the sails have been replaced by plumes of black diesel fumes as Jerry cranks up the revs attempting to get to Rodney Bay before Happy Hour ends....but his first mate Georgia has enjoyed water skiing this morning.We hope to hit St Lucia tomorrow morning, but with only 140 miles to go we will have to persuade Jerry to ease back the throttle!Mike. read more...


Makara of Exe - X Skippers for X Yacht Makara 57.15 N 14.32 W

There has been a wonderful sense of relief on Makara knowing that if we are becalmed we can motor the whole way to St Lucia. For the last few days we have been sailing through 'Squall Alley' and have experienced a few squalls during the day and, wishing to avoid any dramas at night, we have motor sailed through the night with the main sail down because then the only action required by the team on deck is to furl in the genoa if things get too hairy.After yesterday's mutiny Mike and I have been demoted to first and second mate by the new skippers Jerry and Georgia; we are now ex-skippers of an X-yacht. This however is great news for us because the skippers normally pay for drinks and dinner on arrival, tops up the diesel tanks and pays for any damage sustained during the passage so many. read more...

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