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Owner Joe & Lara Grosjean
Design Outremer 55 Light
Length Overall 16 m 15 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number N/A

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Charm - Day of arrival

We made it!Crossed the finish line at 3:25 am, found the dock in the dark, and were greeted with rum punch and a giant fruit basket which Tim immediately took and hid.All are happy and some are contemplating sleep.Thanks to all those of you cheering and sending good wishes from afar.We got the shipment of following winds for the last 48 hours - it was much appreciated, especially by Kent!. read more...


Charm - Day 13

We're rapidly closing in on St. Lucia as I write this.The winds have definitely been working for us the past two days.It's nice to be going fast but I enjoyed all the peaceful days as well.Now that things are more wobbly on the boat, and it's high risk to walk onto the foredeck, I appreciate when we could play carefree volleyball.Off to take over for Kent.We ate the last of most major food groups today and Tim and I are quite pleased with how the provisioning went.Tim finished the last of the grapes today and, based on his lower-than-normal appetite, probably finished a few private stashes as well.Next message from land!. read more...


Charm - Day 12

Just a short entry because my watch is over and it's time to sleep.The winds were higher and gustier during my watch so I had to pay more attention than usual.Unfortunately, it wasn't enough attention because, during a lull, the spinnaker wrapped around the forestry.I had to call Joe out and then we had to wake up Kent to come help.Joe drove by the lee (for you sailors out there) and, with a bit of pulling on the sheets, it eventually unwrapped and Kent snuffed it.There was lots of excitement with gibing the main, pulling lines in and out, shining lights, etc.It went well - no damage to people or property and we got the gennaker out and have maintained our speed with less drama from the sail.Tim has denied all charges of covert produce consumption.He did remind me that he carried almost. read more...


Charm - Day 10 - birds and pirates

I thought the big news today was going to be the appearance of a tiny but vicious pirate.Instead, it's about the bird that got away.After doing our cleaning chores (Sundays are cleaning days on Charm), we were all taking a break.After two days of eating Cobin's fudge, I decided I'd better do a workout of some sort.I was so sweaty afterwards that I decided to try dragging in the water like the kids.Joe lowered me in, took a few photos, then went back to put away the camera.I was happily dragging in the delightfully cool water when I heard him shouting, "No, no!"I noticed a bird that Joe had pointed out earlier.It had been circling the boat with interest and was now concentrating on the area behind the boat.We have been dragging fishing lines for days, with no luck, and I remembered that. read more...


Charm - Day 10 - no wind, then wind!

We're pretty much obsessed with the wind at this point.As if we weren't before . . .But being in triple digits of our goal has made it seem as if we're going downhill, especially with days like yesterday with our 24-hr VMG average of 8, a perfectly acceptable speed.Then this afternoon hit.It was brutal.I can't say there was no wind but it was close.Our VMG was around 2.I think Kent was crying on his shift.It turns out he really likes buoy racing (equivalent of a sprinting for sailors) and really, really doesn't like long, slow passages.So he's not the happiest person on the boat.He did perk up yesterday though when the wind filled in.But the lows feel much lower after the highs.Even ever-happy Tim said it was "painful" as the main flapped violently and the spinnaker refused to fill.On. read more...

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