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Owner Rubicon 3
Design Clipper 60
Length Overall 18 m 26 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR68L

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Hummingbird - 100nm to go

Today we broke the 100nm to go barrier, so we’re into double figures now and expecting an early hours of the morning arrival into Rodney Bay, St Lucia.A small flock of egrets joined us this afternoon, reminding us that land is not far away.Excited as we are to see land it was also a bittersweet reminder that this wonderful ocean crossing adventure of ours is almost at an end. The final edition of Nicky’s Nautical Notes included a poem I wrote inspired by all the fun we’ve had along the way and I must admit to being a tad emotional whilst reading it out:We’re almost in St LuciaLet’s reflect on what we’ve done2000 plus milesWith hundreds of smilesAnd buckets of sweat in the sun We’ve woolled and pulled, gybed and tackedWe’ve sunned on the foredeck and read and relaxedThrown about by the. read more...


Hummingbird - Poem: Night Sky, at sea

I had expected this ocean crossing to be wonderful and it is living up to and exceeding all of myexpectations. However one of the most amazing, breathtaking aspects of this trip has been the beauty of the night watches, the clear, unpolluted view of the sky in all its glory. Here is my poem.Night Sky, at seaA dark crowded stage, filled with lifeless performersRevealing old light to the worldInfinite death stars, infinite birthTimeless spirals of heaven unfurledSpinning ordinations through black spangled oceanDancing revolutions in slow expanding motionForever.I am a spectatorSmall, irrelevant spectatorBobbing on our little planet blue.I smile at the simplicity,The wonderful complexity.Applaud the actors,Praise supporting crew.Michelle. read more...


Hummingbird - Atlantic Crossing 3/4 Oscars Awards awards ceremony

… blah blah blah … Ms. E Maude to present the first award this evening … clap clap clap …Live Coverage from the deck of SY Hummingbird(Transcript – Ms. E Maude @ 17.35, 26/11/17)Anyone who can take a ragtaggle bunch of amateur cast members from six different countries (who have delusions of being long-distance sailors to far flung lands) and lead them through a variety of scenes – some requiring more acting ability than others to diffuse any potential emotional or diva-like behaviour across a vast ocean of backdrops – some more picturesque or harrowing than others, is surely worthy of an international accolade.This person is highly regarded in their genre of sailing and regardless of the number of re-takes (or should I say, re-hoists) necessary, still remains calmly in control. She has. read more...


Hummingbird - English lessons for the Aussies: Jollup, the third person, and talking around the subject

Hello again from the recalcitrant Aussie DJ John. 11 days at sea and approaching the three quarter mark with the pina coladas ever closer. Today I learnt a new word from the Brits on board: JOLLUP used to describe a thickened liquid such as sunscreen and ketchup. Interesting, but not as interesting as the UK aversion to the words yes and no and the constant reference to the third person …must have something to do with the Queens English! The spinnaker events continue to dominate the night watchers so that most of my sleeping is done foredeck in the afternoon rather than the sweaty bunk at night… as Chris in his dulcit tones whispers "John are you awake? (at 2am ) we have an issue with the spinnaker..."The No 1 one spinnaker has been retired from active service.I have requested that it be. read more...


Hummingbird - One month to Christmas

Dear family and friends,Whatever time zone you are in, you would have no doubt woken up today to the realisation that Christmas is just a month away. Now, whether you are excited or totally sickened to the pit of your stomach by this thought, 25/12 approaches and with it, comes the promise of a present, or presents, depending on how good or greedy you are or deemed to be by your loved ones.Anyway, if you have found yourself struggling in the lead up to the day of great paper shred, thinking along the lines of:- “Say, I wonder if Fraser would like a new pair of Merino wool pants this year…”- “Hmm, Rachael could really do with a pull-up bar affixed to her door this new year…”- “Would Erika like more wool so she could knit me a jumper instead?” (if this sounds like you, you might need to. read more...

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