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Owner James Fiske
Design Gitana 43
Length Overall 13 m 11 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4517L

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Gitana - ARC planting project with St.Lucia Rotary

Welcome to the tropicsI knew that by sailing into the tropics we would be shifting climates and ecosystems!, Sunshine, still a good risk of the rain we're used to at home (rainy season runs May-December), but much higher chance of it being warm when it does. St.Lucia fits the bill beautifully.Diverse geographyIts geography is so rich, from its rainforests and history to its physical form and position.  Money wise, it's quite different - as with many islands of the Caribbean, it doesn't take a long walk from places like the marina were in to see the wealth drop away and differences in lifestyle become ever more stark! Formation 101A tropical island forming one of the leeward Islands, it is part of the island arc that marks the edge of the Atlantic and Caribbean tectonic plates,. read more...


Gitana - Calm over the marina

All is quiet in Rodney Bay tonight! IMG_20181214_220258.


Gitana - Day 1 - post TransAt (St.Lucia time)

We've been in for over 24hours now and it seems like it was just this morning we arrived and the day we've been acclimatising. Yesterday was spent just coming to terms with the realisation of what we'd achieved, but also trying to work out why in earth the ground seemed to rise up to meet us with every step! That'll be the sea legs overriding the power of the land legs then!!After a decent lunch and dinner, we spent so much time with our friends from Degree of Latitude, sharing our adventures; meeting the crew of Safena who'd really been there for us in our moment of need, finally putting faces to the names of TinTin, MR, Attitude, Purple Rain and others who arrived alongside us after our amazing journey.Even met up with the family I'd seen at the airport with the year 11 lad, he'd. read more...


Gitana - When you have a dream...

Right at the beginning when I spoke to school about completing this amazing adventure, I said 'Imagine... What's your dream?'This was a dream for so many people, we believed in it, we worked hard and we've achieved it!I've been blogging but I always keep a journal too... This was the last full days sailing we had on the ARC, Gran Canaria flag still flying as we weren't quite into the St.Lucia flag 'zone' yet!But, I had a moment when I looked at the cover of my journal... It couldn't be more appropriate!!Crew are ashore sampling the Rodney Bay delights, just ducked back to the boat briefly and I'll rejoin them!My colleagues at home are out on their Christmas do in Portsmouth! Raising a glass to you guys, see you all soon!Kirsty X2018_1212_20310978. read more...


Gitana - We made it

It's now 16:44 local time (20:44 GMT) and we're in St.Lucia! Sitting on the waterfront having had burger and chips we're sitting watching other ARC yachts as they arrive in the marina.Crossing the finish line at 10:44am St.Lucia time was just insane. Having had a few issues with the engine which was sorted, then returned, then being almost becalmed for 4hours yesterday afternoon, we watched our last few miles slowly tick away.The wind filled in and Gitana flexed her wings once again and off she flew. Running towards each waypoint on course at 6kts+ Gitana had a great 24hours to finish.There was an almighty shout of 'Land Ho!' this morning, James had been up throughout the night to watch the course and make sure we were going to get to the North coast of St.Lucia. As the sight of. read more...

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