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Infinity of Yar
Owner Keith & Sarah Davey
Design Hanse 455
Length Overall 13 m 55 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4238L

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Infinity of Yar - Infinity of Yar - Ode To St Lucia

An Ode to St LuciaSt. Lucia, St. Lucia is an Island so fair,That we left Las Palmas without a care.To cross the ocean of endless blue,And find an island with pastures new.Over the horizon the armada did come, To the lure of the beaches and smell of the rum.So stock up the bars and get the beer on ice,The fleet's in town and the mainbrace is spiced.The crews tie up and head ashore like rockets,The locals just smile and then empty their pockets.Oh St. Lucia; a brazen mistress thou art,I'll walk to that restaurant but leave in a cart.. read more...


Infinity of Yar - Infinity of Yar - Final Blog

Blog No. 12 Infinity of YarDate: Wednesday 13th December Location: Rodney Bay Marina, St. Lucia.Alert the press!!We made it to St. Lucia, although I admit that is slightly old news now. We actually arrived on Monday morning at 07.15 So, why is this, probably my final epistle, three days late? Well, it might be writers block, it might be the rum or it might be sheer bone idleness. Probably the answer lies in all three. A wave of euphoria on crossing the line was quickly followed by a wave ofrum which was quickly followed by a wave of apathy leading to sheer bone idleness! That probably sums up the Caribbean lifestyle,let’s face it the “ rate race “ here is an entirely different problem!So, dear readers, let me explain the silence of the last days of our journey prior. read more...


Infinity of Yar - Infinity of Yar - Update

Good afternoon readers,Unfortunately Infinity of Yar have been having power issues due to the watt & sea hydro generator. This means they will be unable to post anymore blogs until they arrive in St Lucia on Monday. Until then dedicated followers.... read more...


Infinity of Yar - Blog 10

Infinity of Yar Blog no.10 Date: Monday 4th December 2017Location: Lat: 14.21 North         Long: 43.07 West        " Kipper Comes Good "At last our Director of fishing 'Kipper' Kearns has landed a big one. Over one metre of marauding Mahi Mahi was hooked and landed with Kipper in charge of operations. 'Step Aboard' Davey expertly reeled the fish in and your author and scribe was handed the job of wielding the gaff.Now readers, for those of you (like me) who know nothing about deep sea fishing you need a gaff to heave the fish over the side of the boat and is essentially a telescopic pole with a large, and very sharp, hook on the end. As we had previously lost a large Tuna due to my. read more...


Infinity of Yar - Blog 9

Infinity of Yar.Blog entry No.9Date: Saturday 2nd November 2017Location: Lat: 17.00 /Long: 37.24 Good morning from mid Atlantic. As I write the countdown log says we are 1360 miles from St Lucia. As the clock counts down like a giant diary in reverse we have a sort of on board quiz to mark significant dates in history. We have long since passed backward through the second and then the first World War. Queen victoria has been and gone; the Battle of Trafalgar and then the great fire of London have been left in our wake. "Oz" Henderson pointed out 1770 as we passed it as the dates that Captain Cook discovered Australia (although apparently, rather inconveniently, it had already been discoved by the Aboriginees - but that's another story!). We are. read more...

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