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Almagores II
Owner Federico Borromeo
Design SWS
Length Overall 31 m 50 cm
Flag Italy
Sail Number ITA17146

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Almagores II - arrival

Dear friends and family, Last message to everybody…we hope that you all enjoyed our mails . At the moment we are preparing the boat for arrival as you can see Gulian on the boom doing last minute preparations. The St lucia s flag has been found and is being raised as I write, boat numbers and Charity commemoratives are being attached and last but not least … champagne and beer are in the cooler. Our ETA will be at 8.00 pm. St. Lucia s time which is about 3 hours from now. As you can imagine, the grueling heat on the boat and the excitement of arriving has boiled our body temperature to the point that all 14 of us are ready to raid the fridge of its alcoholic content. We will behave ourselves and wait for our historic moment of crossing the finish line! To all our friends,. read more...


Almagores II - ALMAGORES

Dear friends and family ,  other human beings in sight …We started to think that we were survivors in the film “ I am a legend “ starring Will  Smith…but it seems that life as we remembered it is still going strong . We waved excitingly to the other boat and we noticed that it was reciprocated with the same enthusiasm . The crew is starting to relish the thought and reggae music is filling the air with lavish talk about the exotic drinks we can order in St Lucias .Temperatures  are climbing on board …physically from the sun and emotionally ….. over and out Almagores IIsaluto. read more...


Almagores II - Almagores position by the sun

Dear friends and family,As we are steaming towards St. Lucius at directions of 280 degrees on our compass, we have come to the conclusion that we do not know where we are! Luckily we have a sextant on board and as shown on the picture we are making an attempt of finding the sun. Captain Franz has taught us in the last couple of days how to extrapolate our position using the sextant and the sun. The conclusion until now is loads of sun and no sex……We keep you updated,Almagores IIsexant. read more...


Almagores II - Almagores

Dear friends and family,  Finally!!!...Trade winds have arrived as you can acknowledge from the happy faces behind the steering wheel. At present we have a little more than 600 miles to go to St.Lucia s with a jury vang. This means a vang has been made provisionally by our innovated crewmembers to replace the hydraulic super vang, which we now call s***, s***, vang, vang! The mood is very happy as we are approaching our destination, but one can also sense sadness of leaving the ocean behind. Ciao from Almagores IIF.M.. read more...


Almagores II - almagores II

Dear friends and family, Anotherday withoutwind, but onboard Almagores it was a great excuse for putting on theswimming trunks . All the crew members Joined in with such eagerness that the boat seemed to be left with nobody on board . The scene was straightfrom a National Geographic episode when all The penguins walk to the edge and jump in. When we werefinally back on board “safe and well “ captain Frans tried to entice us with a follow up course in Sextant navigation. Some of us were scholastic but most of the crew fell asleep under the Bimini when the sun and the lunchstarted todo its work on our body. We hear that the trade winds should be arriving but we can only hope ……until tomorrow. Over and outAlmagores  bagnetto. read more...

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