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Owner Marco Baioni
Design Dufour 405 GL
Length Overall 11 m 90 cm
Flag France
Sail Number ITA16718

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PkBoo - PKBOO Log Day 22 e 23 - Running to St Lucia

Hi friends of PkBoo.Under the full moon tonight PkBoo sailed fast, in 35 kts.Today in the early morning the roarer fourty went to visit us for a couple of hours; with Marco at the helm, Giuseppe and Elena at the lines and Stefano for help, the sailing team dominated it. Now we are approx 150 miles to the arrival with 25 kts and a speed of 6,5 (we are sailing only under the jib).Our ETA is extimated for 7, 8 am tomorrow morning.CiaoMarco. read more...


PkBoo - PKBOO Log Day 21 e 22 - tradewinds, squal & shower

Hi friends of PkBoo.With the tradewinds becoming stronger and stronger (forecast today and tomorrow are for gale wind) the crew is all on the piece to arrive fast to St Lucia.At the helm the waves let us dance the samba and sleep is becoming impossible, but also this is sail.Today in the early morning we had a squal, so - as Chris Tibb said - shampoo in a hand and helm in the other, and the shower stopped in the middle of the bath ... Stefano say hallo to all his friends at home and that's all falk.CiaoMarco. read more...


PkBoo - PKBOO - Log day 20 21 - Tradewinds and squal

Hi friends of PkBoo.Yesterday we had a great speed sailing in the tradewinds.Today in the late morning we had a strong squal with gale wind, but at the end a complete rainbow let us smile. Probably also the weather thinks that for our crew it's time to have a shower.CiaoMarco. read more...


PkBoo - PKBOO Log day 19 - Tradewinds

Hi friends of PkBoo.Finally tradewinds went to visit our boat and we are sailing fast in direction of St Lucia.Only some problems with a high rate voltage from the alternator of the engine that has unset our instruments and the display of the engine; promplty repaired and now it's all good.The crew is becoming boring to stay in the ocean and we all hope to arrive in Rodney Bay to have a fresh long shower and, for me, to meet my great wife Chiara and my friends Salvatore and Denise. We also need to arrive to celebrate Elena's birthday on 14th. See you in Rodney Bay soon on this screens.CiaoMarcoP.S. Mr fish, the big tuna,gave it's best on the oven with potatoes, cappers and olives, with soya sauce. We cebrated it with a fresh beer.. read more...


PkBoo - PKBOO Log Day 17 - Bob & two tuna fish

Hi friends of PkBoo.Yesterday Bob, the parasailor, had a really good job for us and increased our speed to 6.5 - 7 kts.During the afternoon two big tuna fishes wanted to entered in our crew; one, the biggest (around 18 kg and called mr fish) was caught and the other one relised. Now we are thinking about the rules of mr fish; on the oven with potatoes? Fried? Boiled and kept in the oil with onions and tomatoes? Probably all of these but suggestions from home are appreciated.Our autopilot Pedro Himenez is running well, while the watermaker has some problem but we have enough water.See you tomorrow on this channel.CiaoMarco. read more...

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