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Endeavour of Cork
Owner Conor Phelan
Design Beneteau Oceanis 41
Length Overall 12 m 37 cm
Flag Ireland
Sail Number

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Endeavour of Cork - The End of the Adventure!

Well, here we are, Day 1 in St. Lucia (don't worry, I'm not starting another chapter of the blog!), we're all cleaned and showered and fed and watered and it's AMAZING!!!We got in at 8pm local time last night, and went for a few celebratory, and VERY welcome, beers.Needless to say we were all cheap dates!Anais is gone already - some friends of hers had chartered a catamaran from Martinique, and because we were delayed arriving she missed her flight to meet them, so they sailed down and she jumped aboard and is gone off on a new sailing adventure for herself around the Caribbean.All very James Bond - I have to admire her energy!Dermot has escaped the confines of the boat and has gone off to burn some of his pent-up energy on a beach nearby.Conor is knee-deep in paperwork getting the boat. read more...


Endeavour of Cork - We're here!!!!!

We've arrived!!!I'm pleased to announce that 20:14:04 local time, Endeavour of Cork crossed the finish line - wayhayyyyyy!!!We're all tied up now, and as soon as feet hit the dock the heavens opened and it hammered down rain just to make us feel at home - but only for about two minutes!A nice man just arrived with a tray of rum punch for us, so I'm not going to linger here much longer - but hi to everyone from Rodney Bay, St. Lucia!!!Cheers everyone!From an ecstatic Endeavour of Cork - over and out!!! :) :) :). read more...


Endeavour of Cork - ARC+ - The Highs and The Lows

I canvassed everyone earlier today to come up with the high(s) and the low(s) of the trip for them.Everything since we all boarded the boat - over a month ago now!!!(A general high must be that we've all survived together for that long at all, and are still talking!!!)There's still a few miles left to go, so still time for contending experiences (I'm sure crossing the finishing line will top all of our lists when it happens) but as of now, in no particular order as they say......LOWSTop has to be Heads-gate.On only day 3 of our long leg.The prospect of two weeks of bucketing and chuckiting.The horror (only imagined in our case) that Dermot and Conor faced in sorting it all out.Kudos, guys!!!Blowing the cruising chute. Having just sorted it out and discovered its ease of flying, and. read more...


Endeavour of Cork - Day 16 - Friday 2nd December

Our last day!!!!!!!!!!The excitement is high on board - or at least it would be if half the boat wasn't still asleep.Is it bad to be so unreasonably pleased about nearly being finished?I mean, it's be a fantastic, interesting, challenging, memorable experience and everything - but I swear if I never see a downwind course again it'll be too soon. (As an aside, if anyone reading this knows Fintan Cairns, can you please put in a request on my behalf for the last Dublin Bay Turkey Shoot race on 18th December for an upwind-only course. I know he could do it.)The sound of blissful silence woke me this morning just after 7am - having motored the whole way through last night (and STILL not quite able to keep to course), the engine was finally shut off and silence reigned.Conor and Denise (and. read more...


Endeavour of Cork - Day 15 - Thursday 1st December

Day 14 - Wednesday - again!The day that went on forever - or at least that's how it seems.After the action of this morning, we all fell into a comfortable spinny-driven slump again for the afternoon.Now that the end is sort of in sight, it's all about just getting there - we have a line down from the dodgy spreader to give it a bit of support, and are hyper-conscious of not gybing too much, or without warning or preparation.Today wasn't as hot as the last few days, thank goodness.No swim today unfortunately - maybe one last one tomorrow?We had a gorgeous lunch of crepes courtesy of Anais - both savoury and sweet.Then fish curry from Denise for dinner.I have to say the culinary standard of this trip has been truly brilliant.My limited menu when I get home will be sadly lacking!This. read more...

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