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Merci Papa
Owner Charles Devanneaux
Design Lagoon 42
Length Overall 12 m 80 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 42

LEVEL 42 is the name of one of our favorite band with famous song ''something about you''. We have temporally renamed our boat ''MERCI PAPA'' (thanks dad) in memory of our dad who passed away at sea while sailing in the bay of biscay.

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Merci Papa - Fish contest on board of ''Merci Papa''

OF WIND AND FISHThe wind has not been the sailors? best friend for the ARC 2016 so the crew of Merci Papa Level 42 (#198) had plenty of spare time in between maneuvers and less-than-demanding watch duties. Every Captain knows that idle deckhands are a recipe for trouble, so keeping a crew's mind busy is always a good idea. Playing cards was one way. But fishing turned out to be THE way. Because there is nothing like competition to keep minds sharp and banter going, two teams were promptly formed. US citizens on the starboard hull with a professional fishing rod from Distrimar (Las Palmas) that was almost as thick as the mast, French citizens on port side with a makeshift fishing wheel and lures that had seen better days. Never shy to work from a position of strength, Team USA. read more...


Merci Papa - We found a monkey on the boat !

We never shared that, but few days ago (actually almost weeks with the NO WIND situation) we had issues with the spinnaker during the night that started to spin around the forestay ! not goodA monkey was hoisted against the forestay but could do anything. So the skipper Charly had to go on top of the mast at 3am at night in the swells. That was not fun...And in the morning the crew completed a complete checkup Enjoy the pictures!cheers. ''Merci Papa'' IMG_0436 IMG_0485 IMG_0486. read more...


Merci Papa - Sushi day on board of ''Merci Papa'' SV Level42 nb 198

After a big fight last night to catch to big Wahoo ... THis morning , right after the sunrise, we caught a beautiful Tuna.So it was time to open our japanse rice and vinegar to have our Japanese day. Our menu was simple ... sushi and sashimi ... FRESH from the sea. Enjoy the view. Pictures are the only memories. There are nothing left in the plates. Cheers. CharlesIMG_1002 IMG_0997 IMG_0991 IMG_0998. read more...


Merci Papa - Catch of the day

So on board of ''Merci Papa'' located by 19,17n and 46.18w , we were fed-up to catch Mahi Mahi since one week. We tried all possible recipies !!Today we got 2 BIG Wahoo... It was a bit a battle to get the first one on board. We estimated the weight at 30kgs. The second one was smaller. Around 20kgsSo we have in our freezer to share with you upon arrival !!! For tonight we will just seared grilled the ''steak of wahoo'' (called Darne in French) on the barbecue. Tomorrow very likely it will be in the oven with some lemon and mash potatoes (cooked very slowly) . By the way for lunch we got some duck confit with french fries cooked in duck fat. Good night. Charly IMG_0970 IMG_0948. read more...


Merci Papa - The wind is back ?

Still a question mark ! is the wind back ? We have now 10 knots of wind which was unknown since 48 hours .we have hoisted the spinnaker and the crew is finally happy to make 6 knots or more. tonight we had a stunning sunset. but no fish today (first one in the last 5 days - no mahi-mahi or tuna tonight for dinner) The team ''Merci Papa'' in our dad's memory DSC_0986 DSC_0994 IMG_0861. read more...

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