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Arthur Logic
Owner Britannia Sailing
Design Beneteau First 40
Length Overall 12 m 24 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR7408R

Arthur Logic is our 2014 Beneteau First 40. She is fully race prepared and equipped to DOT Code of Practice for Charter Yachts.

Sailing Logic is a recognised RYA training establish offering RYA courses and racing in the UK and Caribbean.

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Arthur Logic - Arthur - At Sea - Nearly there

Two thousand three hundred nautical miles. That's the distance that has passed under the keel of Arthur Logic left Las Palmas.More importantly, it's marked a turning point in our mileage countdown and we're now well into three figure miles as we close in on Rodney Bay. So we thought now would be the perfect moment to survey the crew and discover the one thing - other people aside - that they're most looking forward to on arrival.As supplies dwindle on the Arthur Logic, our crew of discerning taste inevitably starts to dream of Carribbean dishes and foods which won't still be in date by the next ARC.Our Skipper, Mike Pickering shows surprising restraint when he picks a Carribbean roti. There is a murmur of approval around the boat, unlike the sweetcorn and meatball monstrosities he claims. read more...


Arthur Logic - Arthur Logic - At Sea - Poems from home

In celebration of Sinterklaas, Julian's girlfriend, Amy, has written a poem about Arthur:From gran canaria noble Arthur set sail Hoping for a blowing gale With Grum proudly at the helm of the shipEnthusiastic steering soon caused a small blip The Dutchman meanwhile had caught a fish And served it up as a tasty dish They then found themselves in a dreaded wind holeThe answer? Skinny dipping - an Atlantic goalAnd Nico scaling the mast to gaze Yonder With the stars on nightwatch giving the crew something to  ponder Sint hopes for Tanya's sake That the crew have given their nudity a breakNow finally the trade wind blowsMarking a turn in their fortunes and the end to Arthur's woes With not a scratch meal from Phil in sight [Editors note -. read more...


Arthur Logic - Arthur - At Sea - The crazy has kicked in...

A dazzling optical experience A tortuous never-ending roundabout A place where crewmates become friends A relentless racetrack There are many ways to describe the mid-atlantic at night. At times there's nowhere you'd rather be, at others it's a suffocating nightmare. I love it, I hate it, but it's brilliant and utterly addictive.Why?The sublime: on clear night you're witness to the most phenomenonal lightshow. Stars everywhere you look acting as both your entertainment and your means of navigation. Some stars so low you think they're passing boats. Others shoot across the sky like the red Arrows are controlling their every move. It's simply spellbinding.The ridiculous: how do you keep fellow watch-mates entertainment and more importantly awake for hours on end during a watch? The world. read more...


Arthur Logic - Arthur - At Sea - Can't remember what day....

Becalmed!Over the last few days we have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing first hand another famous aspect of sailing lore: the doldrums. After crossing the 1000 mile mark on Sunday, we attempted to race South after receiving news that the long awaited trade winds were scheduled to begin. But alas! We sailed straight into a wind hole and remained becalmed throughout Monday and Tuesday. At first the crew gladly made the most of this rare break in our otherwise busy day-to-day race schedule, taking the opportunity to swim in the Atlantic's 4500 metre deep water, read books, relax and play cards. The water is amazingly smooth in these conditions, often without even a single ripple to disturb the surface - something we certainly hadn't expected to see from this mighty ocean. It's hard. read more...


Arthur Logic - At Sea - Sunday

Amidst the war of words and petty squabbles about fellow crewmates shortcomings we'd like to pay some attention to the professional sailors amongst us.There are two men in whom we have placed my life and who are ultimately responsible for Arthur's safe passage across the Atlantic. Our Skipper Mike and first mate Bob.To introduce them, their many strengths, differing styles and leadership qualities let's use another great Rugby team as an analogy if I may (One trick pony? You're right)? That of the England 2003 World Cup winning team.That team had one captain, but two leaders. Two people who held the ultimate responsibility and on whose shoulders victory or defeat would sit. Both very different in form and in function but both as invaluable as the other.Lets start with first mate Bob. read more...

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