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Owner Manfred Kerstan
Design Oyster 825
Length Overall 25 m 15 cm
Flag Antigua and Barbuda
Sail Number GER1800

This is the boat belongs to Mr.ARC, Manfred. He cross the Atlantik more than 40 times. Nobody know it really, but he participate to the ARC more than 20 times.
The boat cross the Atlantik two times a year and stay in the european summertime in the Mediterranean Sea .

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Albatros - Tag 10 - Bergfest

Ahoi von der Albatros!Heute haben wir unseren ersten Fisch gefangen. Nach eineinhalb Wochen des steten aber erfolglosen Bemühens hat ein schöner Mahi Mahi angebissen. Vorgestern war uns schon einer im letzten Moment vom Haken gesprungen! Diesen aber holten wir ohne Probleme ein, von Manfred filetiert und mit Olivenöl, Knoblauch und Zwiebeln einbalsamiert, wartet er in der Bratreine. Er kam grade recht zum Bergfest, das wir heute mit doch einiger Verspätung feiern. Eigentlich wollte Manfred uns aus diesem Anlass mit Filet Steak verwöhnen, das gibt es dann morgen. Unsere Überfahrt wird einiges länger dauern als angenommen, da Wind und Wetter dieses Jahr nicht liefern was sie sollen. Die ersten Tage waren erfreulich was den Wind anging, dafür etwas kalt, wir befinden uns auf einer. read more...


Albatros - Dec. 7 at 5 am

This is the Albatros, Albatros, Albatros. ARC finishing line, we are approaching Pigeon Island.Best words ever uttered. We are number 18 of the ARC, that includes the racing group, the multihull and the cruisers. Number 6 in our group, defying a broken spi boom and a ripped main halyard. Arriving at 4:34:02 local time we are incredibly happy to be welcomed in Saint Lucia with rum punch and a smile.I dare not go on land. We are all very sentimental. The trip has been amazing, and challenging on levels yet to be reflected upon. This is the Albatros, Albatros, Albatros.. read more...


Albatros - Dec. 6 at 1:49 pm

Albatros update: 14° 28.02 N, 58° 41.18 W2015-12-06 13:49:07 +0000We are zeroing in. 140nm to Saint Lucia. Fair weather, 9kn of speed. ETA around midnight local time. No land in sight yet, so strange that this trip should end tonight. Earlier today we passed an airplane carrier. Christine claims she has seen Tom Cruise on deck This morning everybody was wearing Christmas hats. And bathing shorts. Quite a funny combination.As we have a no-alcohol discipline during the crossing, discussions center around the question how long the bars will be open. In Saint Lucia, every sailor arriving with the ARC is served a rum punch, no matter what time of day. Expect no update tomorrow.. read more...


Albatros - Dec. 5 at 4:44 pm

Albatros Update: 15° 47.60 N, 55° 45.87 W2015-12-05 16:44:07 +0000Day 14 on the Albatros. About 315nm to Saint Lucia.Sleep. It's 6am board time, my watch has ended at 5. I lie awake in my bed, my face 20cm below the deck. My quarters are at the fore, only the sail chamber is a security lock in front of me, and then the anchor box, containing 100m of chain. Of course nobody has checked the length, and people exist that do make a living buying 300m of anchor chain and selling 400.My bed moves several meters in every conceivable direction. Up, down, forward, back, left, right. The fore of the vessel is the part that moves most, with every wave that rolls from behind, the boat is lifted up, and it's nose points down, in inside that tip of the boat I lay awake, listening to the water gurgle,. read more...


Albatros - Dec. 4 at 7:10 pm

During the night the wind has picked up further - 13kn speed with 30kn of wind was one particular moment I remember from our shift this morning. That was fun! But also hard work. My team shifts responsibility at the helm every twenty minutes, always in the same order- first Guido, then me, then Stephan. This leaves no room for discussions, which makes things easier. Recommendation: whatever can be decided and structured before or when you sail, do it. There is enough room for discussions elsewhere, and who has to spend how long at the helm shouldn't be one of them.Early in the morning we overtook another sailing vessel, which we had seen for many hours in the night. Good feeling!On the drama bit side, our spinnaker boom has started to break to pieces. Since it is made of carbon, that is. read more...

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