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Clyde Challenger
Owner Glenn Porter
Design Clipper 60
Length Overall 18 m 18 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR67L

Clyde Challenger is a first generation Clipper Ventures round the world racing yacht. having completed four circumnavigations she now runs a program of coastal and ocean sailing voyages open for all.

In 2016 she celebrates her 20th birthday and will be taking part in the ARC+ rally with a crew ranging from novice sailors to some who have spent over ten years on the yacht.

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Clyde Challenger - Spin-Tastic!

More great sailing with the Spinnaker in 5 to 10 kn of wind with the miles clocking down to St. Lucia. Just under 500 Nm left to goThroughout the night sea state was slight weather fair and visibility moderate to good. The watches had a quiet night as usual. Winds were E F4 About 01.00 blue watch noticed a white light in the distance but was unsure at the time if it was another yacht. Later they thought the light looked red but nothing was showing on the AIS . As the sun came up we found out it was indeed another yacht, Endeavour of Cork, their skipper talked with our skipper over the radio and informed him they had been chasing us for a few days. It was really nice to have some company.We have now passed French Guiana, Surinam, Guiana and eillsoon have passed Venezuela.One thing we. read more...


Clyde Challenger - Arc+ Report - Past the half way point.

Well, the yacht and her crew have officially past the half way point in the last few days and should complete their Atlantic adventure by the end of this week.Winds have continued to be very variable, and definitely not the steady trade winds that were hoped for, but they are doing a great job.Although when the wind is good there has been some great sailing, along with the odd torrential downpour!Time for a celebration with fruit punch and nibbles to mark the half way point on the 24th November.With Creamy tomato and Chorizo pasta followed by trifle the half way party culminated with a game of hide and seek!On a 60ft yacht there aren't many places to hide, but the watches managed it with some crew not being found!With a bit of debris damaging the generator impeller a spot of maintenance. read more...


Clyde Challenger - Crossing the Atlantic, the first half!

The crew were on a high! Brian was on his fiddle giving us a jolly tune as we headed to the start line for our adventure across the Atlantic. With full sails we were achieving speeds of 6-7knots before the wind eased just in time for our first meal of chicken chasseur with rice. As the sun was setting we witnessed a beautiful red sky just before the sound of engines echoed across the now becalmed fleet.Next morning the wind had picked up and after a change in sail plan we were now averaging 5-6 knots and keeping up with a couple of boats flying spinnaker. The crew are already planning a half way party.Winds steadied overnight at F4-6 with a slight sea fair weather and good visibility. Our average speed was now up slightly to 6-7 Kn in overcast and humid conditions. Around noon we. read more...


Clyde Challenger - Thank You Cape Verde

After crossing the finish line of leg one in the ARC+ on 12th November 10.54 local time the crew had covered a total of 1087Nm. Refuelling than mooring at our berth is was time to head ashore for a much needed shower.Some crew members choose a few nights in a hotel to chill out before the next leg of the passage (Jealous - didn't think of that!).Most of the crew had booked to go on the day tour on the Monday to one of the other islands while the others did the half day tour of St Vincent Island, both enjoying stunning views. A visit to the beautiful white beach, created by sand blown over from the Sahara Desert finished the day off nicely.With some Atlantic paddling, sampling of local food and drink and a lesson in how the locals manage water the team had time to enjoy some more of these. read more...


Clyde Challenger - Fiddling and Flying Fish!

Thur 11th November 20.30The sea state has continued to moderate with fair weather and good visibility since our last blog. Since then the three watches have no difficult sailing to report.  The night watches had some particularly nice sailing.Today (Thur 11th) has been the best day's sail so far averaging speeds of 7-8 kn.  Most of the crew were on deck enjoying the sunshine , chatter and some music from our Fiddle player.  For the Scots on board we had Runrig's Loch Lomond and Donnie McLean's Caledonia with a number of other classic tunes. With an attempt at a group sing along we are well rehearsed for arrival into Cape Verde.Yesterday (wed 10) we had lots of dolphins swimming off the bow and plenty of flying fish. A couple of the crew have even been hit by them whilst on. read more...

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