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Owner Kim David Egtved
Design Lübbe Voss 14B
Length Overall 15 m
Flag Denmark
Sail Number

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Gwendoline - 26th day at sea

S/Y Gwendoline M - Atlanterhavskryds16. December. 08.00 UTC.On bord Lene, Bente, Annette, Maiken, Oliver, Orla og KimPosition: 14.14.4421N 58.29.621WThe moment we can say that we've conquered the Atlantic ocean is closing in fast. Well - maybe not conquered - because you never conquer the Atlantic Ocean, but then at least having crossed it - which by it self is a personal victory for everybody on board S/Y Gwendoline M.The past 24 hours, the weather has been changing a lot. From the steady 20-25 knots of wind, we suddenly lost it all, as the wind was reduced to merely 10-12 knots over a period of 10-14 hours, which resulted in a dramatic speed reduction from 7 knots to 4 knots. Late in the evening, the wind finally picked up again to 20 knots. We do hope that this wind speed will keep up. read more...


Gwendoline - 25th day at sea

S/Y Gwendoline M - Atlanterhavskryds15. December. 10.10 UTC.Ombord Lene, Bente, Annette, Maiken, Oliver, Orla og KimPosition: 14.20.7585N 56.20.444WWe are fast approaching our final destination Rodney Bay - St. Lucia. We have merely 267 nautical miles before we make landfall. We are sailing quite fast, and on a direct course towards St. Lucia. It has turned out that our "butterfly" rig is extremely effective in down wind sailing.During the night shift, we overtook Mangon - a multi hull which was 210 nautical miles in front of us dec. 12th at 12 o'clock. Orla and I had a blast watching him on the chart plotter as we in the wee hours of the night came in front of him. We are no more the runt of the litter, as we are in front of:232,Katika,225,Mangon,41,Miss Phoceanie,219,Mr. read more...


Gwendoline - 24th day at sea

S/Y Gwendoline M - Atlanterhavskryds14. December. 07.30 UTC.On bord Lene, Bente, Annette, Maiken, Oliver, Orla og KimPosition: 14.20.241N 53.24.644WThe time is now 07.30 UTC - 04.30 Gwendoline local time and 08.30 Danish time - on this glorious Wednesday Dec. 14th - and we have 440 nautical miles left to go.The wind has, to our great satisfaction, become more manageable - as we now have a steady wind of 20-24 knots. This has also resulted in a much more calm sea - which again improves our sleeping conditions immensely.The night watch has also been much easier, as Orla and I only had to make changes to the sail configuration a couple of times on the watch. At 04.00 Gwendoline local time, Maiken and Bente took over, and I expect that they will have a uneventful watch.It is obvious that we. read more...


Gwendoline - 21st, 22nd and 23rd day at sea

S/Y Gwendoline M - Atlanterhavskryds13. December. 18.00 UTC.On bord Lene, Bente, Annette, Maiken, Oliver, Orla og KimPosition: 14.14.585N 51.48.144WWe are now so far west, that we have changed the local time on S/Y Gwendoline M. in order to align the sun position with the local time. The local S/Y Gwendoline M time is right now 16.00, UTC is 18.00 and the time in Denmark is 19.00The latest 3 days have been fast - sailing vice. This also means higher waves, more rolling and pitching and therefore also not so ideal sleeping conditions.We are all marked by the constant tumbling and turning of the boat in the ruthless Atlantic swell, which makes it impossible to rest and relax, as you always have to tense your muscles to counteract the ships movements. This takes its toll on the body, and we. read more...


Gwendoline - 19th and 20th day at sea

S/Y Gwendoline M - Atlanterhavskryds10. December. 09.45 UTC.Ombord Lene, Bente, Annette, Maiken, Oliver, Orla og KimPosition: 13.33.900N 42.53.500WTime is ticking away - hour after hour at its own pace - and so does life here on board S/Y Gwendoline M.Nothing much is happening - here on the vast Atlantic ocean. We are quite alone - as we have not seen any ships for several days.One important thing did happen tough - which proved beyond any reasonable doubt - how important the very high level of security we hold on board is. Thursday afternoon Bente had decided to sit on the very wide fore deck and read her book. She had done it many times before, and she thought nothing of it. As she is sitting there - all concentrated on the action in her book, with her security line safely clicked on,. read more...

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