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Owner Christopher Woods
Design Moody S38
Length Overall 38 feet
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR9513T

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Delfini - day 23 -13th December

Wow - we have now seen it all as the storm force gale forecasted a couple of days ago for the leeward islands seems to have found its way south to the windwards and we are just about staying in front of mammoth waves and force 6 and 7 winds up to 32 knots from the eastLast night we perched on top of a very big wave - the bow hovered and then raced over thetop and we surfed down the face until it hit the bottom - all ok until a similar sized wave came up our stern almost immediately and we were knocked sideways - the cockpit filled up with white foaming water and we all held our breath - luckily no problems except a bent bow light plus my aft cabin window had been open and quite a bit of water found its way onto the bunk and the sleeping bag and the mattress topper etc - funny now but not. read more...


Delfini - day 21 - 11 dec

.... having asked for wind some days ago we got crazy portions yesterday afternoon and a couple of very powerful squall induced gibes completed destroyed our lewmar main sheet traveller car having bent a straight 10mm pin into a U shape so we were forced to motor to pin the main against the shrouds while make up a jury repair - wind speed was in excess of 30 knots and averaged 25 knots most of the rest of the afternoon and into the evening - yacht xaradolla kindly called us up and after a brief chat we went our various ways All night wind and water built up significantly more than forecast and we were glad to find morning and sunshine making everything look a bit better - water had subsided a bit so we reluctantly turned to wind to drop the main and carried on with poled out reeved. read more...


Delfini - day 20 - 10 dec

..... another great day and night have seen us put on over 140 miles in 24 hours and plotter says we will be in St Lucia on the evening of the 13th if this cracking wind keep upProvisions are standing up well and we don't have any shortages so eating well but looking forward to a few sundowners on arrival We h ad originally expected to be in St Lucia tomorrow but estimating arrival on Tuesday after 3 /4 days of zero wind and zero progress is a bit if a result - we will be happy to arrive in one piece with most equipment and services still fully operational We were visited by a pod of probably 20 or so dolphins this morning which is still a sight of beauty and they stayed with us for 30 mins -my phone ran out of memory so maybe I have enough footage. read more...


Delfini - day 18 - 8th dec

Now we have found some wind we are pushing it and kept the kite up all night - we must be averaging 6 knots plus and at times the log was reading 8 knots through the waterThis morning the domestic batteries were dead and not too sure why except we have placed our trust in the victron battery monitor amp hour status and maybe we shouldn't put quite so much trust and just check volts and drain regularly - started engine and charge for 3 hours and all seems Ok - Solar panel are also charging at 8 amps so we will see how things go Bread by Keith this morning looking very rustic so not sure how it will eat - more cheese today after the egg mayo went down a storm yesterday and sausages and mash for dinner We spoke to My Lady this morning on our way past still flying our kite and making 7 knots. read more...


Delfini - dec 7th

The wind continued all night and most of this morning and we are very excited to approach the 1000 miles to go point - hopefully later todayLast night was clear as a bell and warm and skipper was steering by the stars with 15 knots of wind at 5 knots through the water and lining up the top of the ensign pole with mars and 3 stars diagonally - it was absolutely fabulousToday I woke t to reports that the fridge had died but after an inspection I reckon it was just too flipping hot and it shut down - time will tell but with only 3 or 4 more days supply of meat it doesn't really matter too much - the fridge has provided sterling service keeping everything cool until now but it's 35 degrees today so no surprise it's upsetWe are having egg mayo sandwiches today using home made bread made. read more...

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