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Owner Carl Wilcock
Design Geiffe Yachts 51
Length Overall 15 m 85 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1372R

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Nisida - Whale strike Wednesday 6 Dec 1530UTC

At approximately 1530 UTC at position 12d52N 51d18W Nisida collided with a whale. We were surfing along at speeds up to 11kts under full main and spinnaker when suddenly out of nowhere there was a massive thump to the starboard side of the boat alongside the cockpit. A huge tale of a whale towered above the cockpit flexing the guard-wires causing minor injuries to one crew member who was sat on the cockpit coaming. The injuries are a cut to a hand and abrasions to both knees. Injuries have been cleaned and dressed.As far as we know the whale was unharmed.All are fine on board although a little shaken by the incident. We have checked over the boat and there does not seem to be any significant damage.. read more...


Nisida - 27 Nov: This is more like it!

Today we have great conditions 18kts of breeze from the NE and we are under full main and kite sailing at 9 kts+ . Everyone on board is happy and relaxing into life at sea, if we can keep this pace up we have around another 11 days until Rum time!. read more...


Nisida - 26 Nov: That's a week!

After another quiet night we are hoping we have made it through to steady breeze. Now the kite is up and we are still heading south to avoid the area of lighter winds to the north and west of us. All being well we will take a course a little North of the Cape Verdes and start our downwind ride to St. Lucia. Our first week has seen mainly upwind conditions with one uncomfortably bumpy night with the breeze gusting to around 30kts. Sun is shining and we are now making good progress! Won't be long before we can smell the rum!. read more...


Nisida - 21 Nov: No Wind Tuesday

After a night ghosting along with the kite up the wind has now died to less than 4 kts making progress slow and sloppy in the swell. First round of eggs and bacon was good for moral as was a quick shower for all.. read more...


Nisida - 20 Nov: Monday 20th Happy Days

All happy on Nisida after a little sickness to start with. Cracking first 24hrs with 190nm sailed!Kite back up now and heading just north of west hoping to pick our way through the weather over the next few days.. read more...

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