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Owner Diane Whittingham
Design Hallberg Rassy 40
Length Overall 12 m 70 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Enigma - Day 10 - firm wind

Last night we kept the code 0 flying in light 5-8 kts of wind. Not moving fast but at least moving, a huge improvement over the past 48 hours.This morning I awoke to the happy sounds of the boat moving through the water at speed. Got up. Changed sails from code 0 to genoa and mainsail and I'm glad to report we've been flying all morning in 10-15 kts of wind doing 7 + kts. At long last we're moving and we're even talking of "when" we arrive, not the feeling of "if".In celebration of passing the halfway point, and having the opportunity thrust upon us from a defrosted freezer, we all had a full English Breakfast. Everyone is chirpy and energised at the new found boat speed. Dare we be optimistic and hope this firm band of wind lasts ? Life on board has found an new purpose and we even have. read more...


Enigma - Day 9 - slow progress

We've been in an area of low to no wind all day. Up until 30 minutes ago our highest gust was 4 kts. We've run the water maker and generator and that's been the day. We did pick up a little breeze and we're now doing 7 kts in 7-8 kts of wind. How long will it last ?Yet, we're all well, and our thoughts go out to the crew of Noah which has given everything a new perspective.Fair winds allPaul, Diane, Allan and Viv. read more...


Enigma - Day 8 - still not at halfway house

We've been at sea a week now. No weavels, scurvy or mutiny to report. We are having to cope with light to none existent winds and have resorted to using the engine more than we'd like. We all want to get to St Lucia before Christmas. 2016.The moonrise this morning was spectacular. A large orange smiley rose at the back of Enigma casting an ethereal moonlight across the water. Either we're being laughed at or things will be happy. Or, its just another moonrise.I won't name names, but again i saw a yacht quite close to us, with tricolour, steaming lights and navigation lights all burning ! What happened to the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea ? Is it faulty electronics or ignorance ? Sorry but as a RYA Cruising Instructor this kind of thing does grate a little.. read more...


Enigma - Day 6 - hot

Subject: Day 6 - hotWe had a lovely sail during the night in a steady 12-17kts SE  and made good progress. This continued up to about 10:40 am this morning when suddenly the wind just vanished. Its last dying breaths were forward of the beam - something i never thought I'd experience on crossing this far south. The good news is we seemed to avoid the squalls on the horizon which darkened the morning skies.It has given us an opportunity to dry off the last of our damp clothing and do some washing. Not much else to report. We're all well and have most of the creature comforts one can live with. This includes ice cream and cake.Paul, Allan, Diane and Viv. read more...


Enigma - Day 5 - like Wales...but warmer

Subject: Day 5 - like Wales...but warmerNow for those of us who are mathematically numerate, you will notice there has been no Day 4 blog. There's a very good reason for this. A squall the size of Wales came and sat on us yesterday for about 6 hours. Everything on the boat, including us, was and still is soaked. So it was a bit risky trying to write anything without an iPad or PC that wasn't in a waterproof housing...which of course we don't have. How we laughed at the 35 kt gusts that hit us yesterday when compared to the "gentle" winds that were forecast. How I laughed when my old waterproof Musto light trousers acted as a wick soaking up any moisture in the atmosphere and depositing it on my legs and undies. How we laughed when the Bimini deposited 30 gallons of fresh water down my. read more...

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