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Owner Peter Gray
Design Oyster 46 Ketch
Length Overall 14 m 2 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR515

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Cherish - Day 15 Making the most of the wind

Passage planning, always a large part of the day. Winds have been tricky so it’s about trying to get to the best bit of sea while still heading in the right general direction. Red areas on the weather chart denote strong winds (there is no red!), green is moderate and blue not okay. Like the children’s game of hop scotch its about jumping between patches of green. Next day the forecast has always changed slightly so there’s the added incentive of not getting caught without a chair when the music stops. So to speak. Another children’s  game!!! Photo shows Cap’n Pete hard at it consulting his lap top.IMG_2631.. read more...


Cherish - Day 15; working hard in the sun

All hands on deck for Will and Sven whose watch it is. Ali catches some rays up on deck during her R n R with a cushion and her book. Note the washing drying and the everlasting onions which made a bid for freedom halfway through our trip. Most were caught and the culprits banished below to the net above the nav station. Since then harmony has reigned.WJGOPR1329.. read more...


Cherish - Day 14: Short cuts

It’s hard work going up and down the ladder with one hand for boat etc etc. Take a short cut whenever possible. In this case breakfast time and Chris hands out the first helping of his famous cheese omelette. Tastes even better than it looks! Good job we laid in (pun intended!) 100 eggs in Las Palmas!WJGOPR1325.. read more...


Cherish - Day 13: Multitasking at sea

The thing with the boat is it never stops. Someone is always at the helm and all other activities revolve around that. We congregate as a group as much as possible and always eat together with someone stepping in for the helm when they have finished. Meals are in plastic bowls with a spoon usually. They always look appetising and taste yummy. L-R Will (half of!), Ali, Sven, Chris, Anthony.WJGOPR1320.. read more...


Cherish - Day 12: spinnaker ahoy!

With the lighter winds it has been possible to fly the spinnaker off the forward bow. It makes for a wonderfully uplifting sight and helps Cherish glide along in a relatively quick and steady fashion. Not-so-tippy days with the spinnaker billowing. It is launched like a rocket from within a giant tube of a sail cover but comes out like a magical puff of smoke dancing in the wind. It requires constant attention as it embraces the wind but after a while sailors learn to dance with it and movements become more automatic. Like driving after you’re no longer a learner.WJGOPR1327.. read more...

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