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Owner Mike Daly
Design X-46
Length Overall 14 m 10 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR2277L

X-46 Bermudan Sloop

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Da daaa, da da daaa...dada daaa, da da daaaa. Dadaaa, da da daaa...dada daaa, da da daaaa. Da dadada da da da daaaaaa,  dadaaa da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa  (Theme to Rocky, obviously)   Had another of those funny moments this morning -"OK guys, lets pop the 2nd reef in, prep and hoist the asymetric kite then dropthe storm jib"   Always raises a giggle that, but what the hey wedon't or at least did'nt have a lot of choice in sail plan left and it works orat least did. Yep thats right, we have managed to ping another bit of boat offthe old girl.   This time the second spinnaker spactacle shearedoff (first one went a few days ago) so we can no longer fly spinnakers at alland are left with a reefed main in anything approaching 20kts (busted vang juryrig) and storm jib. read more...


Ntanda - Blog day 14 - What could possibly go wrong?!

Not that you will realise of course but I was about to write this blog when I was flung from the chart table during a broach. Just enough time to grab the hand rail with left hand and monkey swing across the boat  using left toe to hold laptop onto chart table; interesting!! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, last night. Well after a good day with the spinnaker up we went to poled out headsail and one reef.  A little description of the weather would probably help, words like biblical rain, momentus squalls, titanic waves etc etc would not be (too) much of an exaggeration. We've had almost continuous really heavy tropical rain for the last 48 hours, and lets face it the whole trip over has been one long line squall! we've all got trench foot and the inside of the boat. read more...


Ntanda - Blog Day 12 - Due West Finally!

function notifyScript() { if( == window){ var evt = document.createEvent("Event");evt.initEvent("notify", false, false);if (document.getElementById("addthis-extension-script") == null) { var d=document.createElement("div"); d.setAttribute("style", "display:none"); d.setAttribute("id", "addthis-extension-script");if (window._ate);else if(window.addthis_config && addthis_config.pubid) d.textContent= addthis_config.pubid; else if(window.addthis_config && addthis_config.username) d.textContent= addthis_config.username; else if(window.addthis_pub) d.textContent= addthis_pub; elsed.textContent=""; document.body.appendChild(d); }document.documentElement.dispatchEvent(evt); }}notifyScript() It's Saturday morning, it's really rather hot(understatement) kites up,. read more...


Ntanda - Blog Day 10 - Here's the hole

So despite our best efforts we have found the hole. Currently still fine reaching in 4 to 5 kts of winds and making around 3 to 4 kts boat speed; not ideal. Great for sleeping of course and getting the boat dried out. Its been a wet ride so far and not in a particularly pleasant way. So currently the flooring is up and all sails etc are on deck drying out (not stacked you understand just randomly put where there is space; stacking is cheating!) In fact it's been so wet the crew have categorised the situation; the following works for all areas from clothing, bunks, wet weather gear and underpants:Mildly Moist Disturbingly Damp Dangerously Dripping Sadly Soggy Woefully WetMr D had the sextant out earlier, ably assisted by his two lovely helpers (check out the website later for a. read more...


Ntanda - Blog Day 9 - Mostly moist

Ahh, trade wind sailing; tropical sunshine, 24 hour spinnaker runs, fishing for tuna and sunbaking on the poop deck.....Ahh, trade wind sailing; pissing with rain, horrible confused seas, ligtning storms, pitch black so you can't see the front of the boat, nor the horizon so helming is a tad difficult and bailing the wheel well 'cos the good ship Ntanda's butt plugs prevent it draining - Oh happy days! More fruit cake please!!Great sailing yesteday though. Asymetric up all day (mojo restored) and efficient drops and hoists for the numerous and rather large squalls encountered. Not sure yet who gets to wear 'The Dress', Dover or Kites. Dover for spiking the Asym the other day and leaving the safety stop on after a particularly special broach or 5 yesterday for spiking the wrong Tylasker,. read more...

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