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Early Arrivals Celebrate. 29/01/2022

After 18 days and 23 hours, double handed crew Norbert and Soja Glahn onboard their Amel 60, Mrs G, docked gracefully into IGY Rodney Bay Marina this morning, Friday 28 January. Both were greeted by a great applause and lots of hooting from neighbouring boat owners, many who took part in ARC 2021. Mrs G is the fourth boat to arrive in the ARC January fleet. Lighter winds in the first week of the route followed by a low-pressure causing trouble in the middle has meant the trade winds haven’t developed as expected. However, the coming week will see most of the fleet cross the finish line in Rodney Bay whereupon they can expect a warm welcome to the island.To celebrate the early arrivals, drinks and entertainment were laid on in the Marina by World Cruising Club Partners; Saint Lucia... Click here for more info..

World ARC Rally Update. 27/01/2022

Australia 2022 – optimism for September StartThere are encouraging signs that Australia’s maritime boarders will open sufficiently by late... Click here for more info..

ARC January 2022 Events Begin. 26/01/2022

The ARC Rallies are highly regarded here in Saint Lucia and no better way to recognise this is by the attendance of local dignitaries at the... Click here for more info..

The first arrival of 2022. 25/01/2022

The finish line in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia, has seen a vast number of ARC participants cross it’s path over the last 32 years, each... Click here for more info..

ARC January 2023 - Entries Open. 21/01/2022

Demand from sailors worldwide for spaces on the November 2022 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers routes - ARC+ 2022 and ARC 2022 - continues to be... Click here for more info..

ARC January Yacht BRAINSTORM Abandoned following rudder damage and water ingress. 20/01/2022

At approximately 2100 UTC on Tuesday 18 January ARC Rally Control was informed by MRCC Ponta Delgada of an alert from ARC January yacht... Click here for more info..

Whales and Waves, but not a lot of Wind!. 17/01/2022

“Waking up with dolphins, a coffee and fresh pancakes. What a way to start the day!” report Johan, Agnes and Lisa, heading into their second... Click here for more info..

ARC January Departs Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 09/01/2022

For the first time Gran Canaria bid farewell to an ARC fleet in the new year as ARC January 2022 set sail from Las Palmas today, Sunday 9... Click here for more info..

'We're Ready To Go!'. 08/01/2022

With less than 24 hours to go until the start of their Atlantic adventure with ARC January 2022, the final countdown to departure from Las... Click here for more info..

Full steam ahead for ARC January. 05/01/2022

The docks of Las Palmas Marina are buzzing with the crews of ARC January continuing their pre-departure preparation ahead of their departure... Click here for more info..

One week to go to the inaugural ARC January departure. 02/01/2022

With just one week to go until the inaugural ARC January sets off, almost all of the boats have arrived here in Las Palmas and preparations... Click here for more info..

New Year, New Route - ARC January begins in Las Palmas. 31/12/2021

With the festive season at a close and the new year beckoning, the ARC January office and information centre opened its doors on Thursday 30... Click here for more info..

An Emotional Close for ARC 2021 in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia. 17/12/2021

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ ARC, and 2021 proved again why sailing the same route at the same time of year can produce so many... Click here for more info..

Curtain Call for ARC+ 2021 in Grenada. 10/12/2021

For the sailors of ARC+ 2021, last night’s Prizegiving ceremony marked the end of their Atlantic adventure that began in Las Palmas de Gran... Click here for more info..

So, how was it for you?. 10/12/2021

"So, how was it for you?"This is probably the most frequently asked question on the dockside in Rodney Bay Marina currently, as crews... Click here for more info..

A Lucian Welcome for the ARC First Arrivals. 08/12/2021

Day Sixteen of ARC 2021 saw the number of new arrivals reach the 20 boat mark, and with a buzz building on the dockside, it was time for a... Click here for more info..

Marina Manager’s welcome for ARC+ crews – Thanks for bringing the marina to life!. 07/12/2021

With 66 boats now safely docked here in Grenada, the ARC+ programme on shore continues. This evening, all ARC+ participants, young and old,... Click here for more info..

ARC+ in full swing with almost 50 arrivals. 05/12/2021

Nearly 50 ARC+ boats have now finished their transatlantic crossing and are enjoying the facilities and ambience of Camper & Nicholsons... Click here for more info..

Happy tales, happy crews, happy to be in Grenada!. 04/12/2021

Twenty-eight boats are now safely docked in Grenada’s Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, as the flow of ARC+ boats continue to... Click here for more info..

The ARC 2021 Fleet are welcomed to St Lucia. 04/12/2021

After the excitement of both 12 Nacira 69 and Guyader Saveol’s arrival yesterday, there was a flurry of activity on the finish line early... Click here for more info..