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World Cruising news stories

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Land Ahoy!. 10/12/2016

Following almost three weeks at sea, the bulk of the ARC fleet have been steadily closing in on Saint Lucia and today has seen an almost non-stop buzz of radio calls as boats announce their arrival and proceed to their berth in the marina.The anticipation of just one or two more nights at sea can lead to mixed feelings on board. Many crews have been planning their adventures for close to a decade, so with arrivals now down to a matter of hours, crews have been taking the time reflect on their crossings. Vicki, sailing with life-long friends on White Satin wrote, “When my husband David returned from his first ARC in 2006, he took some East Caribbean dollars out of his pocket and said that he wasn't going to change them back into pounds, St Lucia was so beautiful that we must return.It may... Click here for more info..

Special celebrations in Saint Lucia bring ARC+ 2016 to a close. 08/12/2016

For sailors on the ARC+ route of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, last night's prize-giving ceremony in Saint Lucia marked the end of their... Click here for more info..

ARC arrivals roll in to town. 07/12/2016

With over 100 ARC+ and ARC yachts now safely docked in Rodney Bay marina, and another 20 expected in the next 24 hours, the ARC spirit in... Click here for more info..

Worked so hard, now it’s time to chill. 05/12/2016

With a steady flow of yachts reaching IGY Rodney Bay Marina, the dockside in Saint Lucia is already buzzing as more and more boats arrive.... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Fleet Officially Welcomed to Saint Lucia. 05/12/2016

Fifty-five ARC+ boats have now arrived into IGY Rodney Bay Marina in St Lucia, after a busy start to what will most definitely be a busy... Click here for more info..

Saint Lucia Tourist Board announces the ARC programme. 02/12/2016

Throughout the next couple of weeks the Saint Lucia Tourist Board in conjunction with the IGY Rodney Bay Marina will host a number of... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Arrivals reach Rodney Bay. 30/11/2016

ARC+ Rally Control and the Saint Lucia Tourist Board have begun to welcome the first arrivals of this year’s fleet into Rodney Bay Marina.... Click here for more info..

Record-Breaking Rambler arrives in Rodney Bay. 28/11/2016

It's been a nail-biting day at ARC Rally Control and for family, friends and followers watching this year's race leader close in on Rodney... Click here for more info..

Counting down to the first arrival - Will it be a record for Rambler 88?. 28/11/2016

Year after year, it is the welcome that boats sailing with the ARC receive that sets sailing with the rally apart from other ocean... Click here for more info..

Marking milestones with celebrations at sea. 25/11/2016

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with feasts and football, and Christmas shoppers hunt down Black Friday discount deals, the crews of ARC... Click here for more info..

Settling in to life at sea. 23/11/2016

After a gentle introduction to their Atlantic crossing, a swell time is being had on board the boats of ARC 2016. “We enjoyed a tremendous... Click here for more info..

Evacuation of five crew from ARC yacht NOAH. 23/11/2016

The five crew members of the yacht NOAH have been successfully evacuated from the BM39 yacht after it started to take on water today,... Click here for more info..

A classic start for ARC 2016. 20/11/2016

Following years and months of planning, two weeks of preparations and provisioning and final hours of farewells, the yachts taking part in... Click here for more info..

ARC Starts going live. 20/11/2016

On board videos from the ARC Committee Boat for the starts of ARC 2016.Cruising fleet - 13:00Racing Fleet - 12:45Multihull Fleet - 12:30 ... Click here for more info..

T-1: Countdown to the start. 19/11/2016

With less than one day to go until the start of the world’s largest transatlantic rally, participants are on countdown to departure from Las... Click here for more info..

Counting down to the ARC start. 18/11/2016

Departure day is looming for ARC Crews in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as the clock counts down to Sunday's start. The pontoons are bustling... Click here for more info..

Demo day for ARC crews. 17/11/2016

ARC Safety Demonstrations took place this morning on the northern breakwater of the marina then at the Club Varadero Maritimo swimming pool.... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Farewell to Mindelo. 16/11/2016

ARC+ set sail early this afternoon from Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. A total of 62 ARC+ boats crossed a start line laid East to West... Click here for more info..

Die deutschsprachigen ARC-Boote. 16/11/2016

Auch dieses Jahr sind wieder zahlreiche deutsche Boote bei der ARC dabei. Die Namen und Bootstypen sind: ALBATROS (Oyster 82), AMOENITAS... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Prizegiving and last days in Mindelo. 15/11/2016

It has been a busy but extremely enjoyable and interesting ARC+ programme in Cape Verde islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão which... Click here for more info..