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World Cruising news stories

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'Ia ora na World ARC. 27/04/2016

The World ARC fleet are getting back together again after a four weeks period sailing around Marquesas and Tuamotus Islands. The boats have arrived in Tahiti in preparation for the World ARC Fleet Rendezvous that takes place over the next few days. All the boats have been in contact with an other boats during their free cruising of the Marquesas and Tuamoto Islands but this is the first time since Nuku Hiva that the whole fleet will meet again.        The islands of French Polynesia have a lot to offer and the participants have been enjoying these to the maximum. Having arrived in Tahiti, the World ARC crews will enjoy a rendez-vous programme, based in the principal city of Papeete. Thursday 28th they will receive a briefing about the rest of the Society Islands and... Click here for more info..

Cyclone Pam Relief Report. 25/04/2016

On 13 March 2015 a devastating cyclone struck Vanuatu, causing significant damage to homes, businesses and communities throughout the... Click here for more info..

Choosing for Offshore Cruising at the Bluewater Weekend. 21/04/2016

Bluewater Weekend: 14 and 15 May 2016, Lymington UKMore than just a boat show, more than a seminar, and more than simply a cruiser... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe - sailing since '88. 16/04/2016

It is only 3 weeks now until the start of ARC Europe on May 7th and the entry list has continued to grow.  There are currently 30 boats... Click here for more info..

Completing the Circle in Saint Lucia. 11/04/2016

15 months ago, the World ARC 2015-16 fleet set out from Saint Lucia to sail around the world. Amongst the crews were many nationalities,... Click here for more info..

Te Fenua Enata, The Land of Men - World Arc At Marquesas. 04/04/2016

After few days of free cruising in the stunning Marquesas Island, 110 crews of the World ARC fleet came ashore at Taioha’e Bay on the island... Click here for more info..

Kaoha Nui to Marquesas World ARC! . 23/03/2016

It has been  a busy 48 hrs of arrivals in Hiva Oa in Marquesas Islands as crews complete the 3000 miles of Leg 4 of the Rally. The... Click here for more info..

Cocktails and Gingerbread Biscuits. 15/03/2016

The majority of the World ARC 2016 fleet have now reached the halfway mark on their journey from the Galapagos Islands to Hiva Oa in the... Click here for more info..

Galapagos - Hasta siempre!. 02/03/2016

The World ARC fleet had a great restart from the Galapagos Island of Santa Cruz at noon today, to begin the longest trip of the Rally... Click here for more info..

Galapagos we'll miss you!. 01/03/2016

This is the final stage for the World ARC fleet in the Galapagos islands. After a fun time exploring San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa... Click here for more info..

Free Cruising the Brazilian Coast. 24/02/2016

One year after having left Puerto Ayora in the Galapagos the World ARC 2015-16 fleet is once again in South America visiting Salvador de... Click here for more info..

Kicker Rock Tour . 21/02/2016

The World ARC tours to Kicker Rock  started yesterday from the island of San Cristóbal. This is a full day tour  starting with a... Click here for more info..

Settling into the Galapagos. 17/02/2016

After crossing the equator, 27 out of 32 boats of the World ARC Fleet have now arrived in Puerto Baquerizo, San Cristobal in the... Click here for more info..

First journey in Pacific!. 13/02/2016

The World ARC fleet joined back together on the Panamanian island of Contadora, in the Las Perlas Islands. Was a short programme on this... Click here for more info..

South Atlantic Adventures and a Colourful Welcome to Brazil. 12/02/2016

Just over a month ago, 13 yachts of the World ARC 2015-16 fleet left Cape Town for the longest passage oftheir circumnavigation to Salvador,... Click here for more info..

A stop in Mid-Atlantic. 08/02/2016

The World ARC fleet got together at the St Helena Yacht Club during their 72hrs stopover on the mid-Atlantic island. The local members at... Click here for more info..

Partying in Panama!. 06/02/2016

The World ARC programme in Panama is very busy. The events began with a Panama City Tour to El Casco Viejo (The Old City), founded on 21... Click here for more info..

Pacific here we come!. 04/02/2016

The World ARC fleet completed their Panama Canal transits and are now berthed at La Playita Marina near Panama City. The transits went very... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2016/17 at the Embera Village . 04/02/2016

The village World ARC visited today is located on the Chagres River, the main tributary to the Gatun Lake & Panama Canal. It is so... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2016-17 ready for the Canal Transit!. 30/01/2016

After the paradise of San Blas the World ARC fleet are now in Shelter Bay Marina in preparation for the Panama Canal transits.Shelter Bay... Click here for more info..