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The ARC Forest continues to grow...

For many years, ARC crews have been volunteering to plant trees in the hills above Las Palmas. This isn’t just an excuse to enjoy the spectacular views from the mountains, it has a serious ecological purpose too.


Local not-for-profit organisation, Fundacion Foresta, is working to revitalise the ancient Doramas Forest for the benefit of wildlife, ecosystem restoration and carbon capture. The organisation has planted 576,423 trees extending over 726 hectares of Gran Canaria, and this is already fixing over 5,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

World Cruising Club got involved with Fundacion Foresta in 2010 as a way of offsetting the carbon footprint of the rally. So far, rally participants have planted 3,800 trees in the growing forest. Fifty-one ARC+ 2023 crew added another 112 Laurisilva trees one Friday morning, every tree making a difference.

This demonstrates a heartening commitment to sustainability and the preservation of Gran Canaria's natural heritage. The event underscores the vital role that individuals and organisations can play in addressing climate change and preserving our environment.