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Owner Sari Greene & Eric Boutiette
Design Balance 526
Length Overall 16 m 80 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Galileo - Getting closer!

After almost 48 hours of fighting the wind and the accompanying pounding - we are rewarded with an absolutely beautiful day.We are sailing on the CodeZero in generally the right direction. With mixed emotions, we’ve watched the front half of the fleet pass us by. We’re happily cheering them on while wishing we could have been a contender. It will be great to hear everyone’s stories and strategies. We are looking forward to our BVI arrival and so grateful that the WCC has arranged for a volunteer day on Thursday. We’re anxious to see the state of the island and learn more about how we can assist recovery efforts. All is good. Thanks for readingSariSV Galileo. read more...


Galileo - Code Zero rocks

Flying today, yesterday not so much. We sailed slowly on the jib yesterday. Hours were spent attempting to re-rig (for the second time) our main sail. Our earlier fix significantly chafed our spin halyard and aside from not wanting to ruin the line we also didn’t want to risk another failure. Eric, Don and I worked creatively, cooperatively and diligently in the hot sun. Unfortunately, the solution didn’t work out as hoped. Tired and sailing very slowly we started the starboard engine. We decided to motor through the night - making watches and sleep easy. Today the wind has shifted and out came the Code Zero. On the Zero alone we are flying along at 9+ knots COG - speculating how fast we might be going if we had a main sail! Nonetheless, we are grateful for another beautiful day. I love. read more...


Galileo - Good news

Ladies and gentlemen- we are back in business! Eric and Don devised an alternate (albeit temporary) rigging configuration. Main is up to the second reef point.Yahoo! SariSV Galileo. read more...


Galileo - Beautiful sailing and then......

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the North Atlantic. We are currently approximately 640 nm off the coast of Georgia @ 31 01.55N / 68 59.10W. Last night was equally stunning. We were treated to a blaze orange moonrise followed by a moonlit night that danced on the water. The winds were favorable and we were cruising along comfortably at 11 knots or so.Disappointingly, at approximately 23:43, the main halyard snapped and our main sail came crashing down. Eric, on watch, responded calmly and expertly. He immediately called a “all hands on deck”.In quick order, the main was secured in its bag and a damage assessment completed. No other impact was noted. We reported in to rally control who were very supportive. Fortunately, we have other sails and for the rest of the night sailed on. read more...


Galileo - Glorious sailing

After a slow last place start (Capt. insisted on sailing the start - pretty sure everyone else was motor-sailing) we are keeping pace with Katina and Avanti. It is a treat to travel in the company of other boats. The sailing has been stellar. Of course, as I write this the winds are lessening, lol. This morning’s sunrise was breathtaking - shades of green, orange, reds and yellows. We’re truly enjoying ourselves, getting enough sleep and eating well. Last night’s dinner was chicken and veggie quesadillas with black beans, yellow rice, guacamole and sour cream. On the menu this morning is waffles, bacon and granola parfaits.Anticipating another great day. All is good. Thanks for reading. SariSV Galileoimage1. read more...

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